Chile vs Bolivia Prediction | World Cup Qualification | 06/09

Chile vs Bolivia prediction: In the 8th round of the World Cup Qualif., CONMEBOL, Chile will play at home and welcome Bolivia.


  • Match date: 01:30 am on 06/09/2021
  • Event: World Cup Qualif., CONMEBOL
  • Stage: Matchday 8th
  • Location: Nacional






Chile only has a shadow of themselves since the 2016 Copa America championship. The golden generation is on the other side of the slope and the new captain Lasarte is doing the rejuvenation. Therefore, Chile is playing unstable in this World Cup qualifying campaign. 7th place with only 5 points partly shows the difficulty of Chile. The gap between Chile and the top 4 is 2 points. Therefore, they are determined to win to hope to enter the top to win tickets to the World Cup. Welcoming a weak opponent, Bolivia, victory is completely within their ability.

On the other side of the front line, Bolivia is a weak team in South America. Therefore, despite having just won a 3-1 victory over another weak opponent, Venezuela, Bolivia is still diving in 8th place with 4 points. Having to be a guest on the field of Chile, they are expected to face many difficulties in this match.

Bolivia has a loose play and all of their last 10 consecutive matches ended with great results. Meanwhile, Chile is determined to win to return to the race to win the next ticket. So there is absolutely a basis to believe in a game with many goals. At the same time, the recent confrontations between the two teams often end with many goals scored when the last 5/6 confrontations ended with over results.

Select: Over 2.5 FT.


Although they have just won, in general, Bolivia’s performance is quite bad when losing 5 and drawing 1 in the last 7 matches. At the same time, Bolivia is playing very badly at away when they have not won the last 13 away matches. Meanwhile, Chile is in better form when winning 2 and drawing 1 in the last 4 matches. At the same time, the strength and position of Chile are completely superior to the opponent. Along with that, Chile often plays very well when welcoming Bolivia when they easily won all of the last 4 receptions. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chile easily prevailed and won by a difference in this reception.

Select: Chile -1.5 FT.


With home advantage and a much higher rating than the opponent, Chile will quickly push up the offensive squad and put pressure to find a goal. Before the loose defense of the away team, Chile will get a goal and lead in the first 45 minutes.

Select: Chile.

Chile vs Bolivia prediction: Chile 3-1 Bolivia FT.


Chile:  Munoz, Wiemberg, Gonzalez, Jimenez, Orellana, Alarcon, Valenzuela, Villarroel, Soto, Galdames, Tamayo.

Bolivia: Lampe, Valverde, Sagredo, Wayar, Carrasco, Torres, Cespedes, Martins, Castro, Cuéllar, Miranda.

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