Chelsea Created A “Blockbuster” With Liverpool “Traitor” Of £ 30M

Chelsea unexpectedly approached Barcelona in hopes of bringing Philippe Coutinho back to the Premier League. Besides that, Chelsea is afraid of losing Willian. 

Chelsea created a “blockbuster” with Liverpool “traitor” of £ 30 million

Sport newspaper in Catalunya reported that Barcelona club was contacted by Chelsea to inquire about the case of Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho. Chelsea hopes to get Coutinho’s signature next summer.

Coutinho is disoriented when both Barcelona and Bayern Munich "abandon"
Coutinho is disoriented when both Barcelona and Bayern Munich “abandon”

Coutinho left Liverpool in early 2018 for £ 142 million, but after 76 appearances for Barcelona, ​​the star was disgraced and pushed to Bayern Munich on loan this season. After a relatively bright start, Coutinho gradually lost his place at Bayern and almost “Gray Lobster” will not buy him after the season ends.

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Coutinho has two possibilities: to find a new club or to return to Barcelona and be on the sidelines for a long time or to be borrowed by a lucky team. And Sport said it seemed Chelsea wanted to give him a way to escape when the London club negotiated with Barca to borrow him for the 2020/21 season.

The source said Barca had set a price of up to 90 million euros (£ 85 million) for anyone who asked to buy Coutinho, but the Brazilian is no longer an attractive item in the market so anyone can pay the price. that price. Chelsea too, but they proposed to Barca that they will pay 30 million pounds to borrow Coutinho 1 season, and if it is okay they will buy off for about 50-60 million pounds.

Sport also said that Barcelona had no interest in bringing Coutinho back to the club’s squad, he did not fit the team’s playing style and the club could afford to buy a more suitable midfielder. Therefore, they are considering Chelsea‘s offer, maybe even agreeing soon to close Coutinho’s future.

Coutinho left in 2018 and since then Liverpool has been successful
Coutinho left in 2018 and since then Liverpool has been successful

If the deal is successful, Coutinho will officially return to the English Premier League after more than 2 years, and he will certainly be an enemy to Liverpool fans. Coutinho had once tried to fake his back injury to avoid kicking the C1 Cup to put pressure on “The Kop”, and after he went to the club, he was even more successful, making many people regret the break up before.

But like Michael Owen, Liverpool fans will devote no more hostility to Coutinho if he returns to English football as a member of a direct rival of the club.

Chelsea’s afraid of losing Willian

Like many other Brazilian players, Willian wants to return to his home country during the game because of the worldwide pandemic. He wants to come back to Brazil to look up his wife and two daughters. However, Chelsea has not been able to make a decision because of concerns Willian could not return to England when the Premier League plays again.

Willian - Chelsea Created A "Blockbuster" With Liverpool "Traitor" Of £ 30M

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