Check Out The Formula 1 Racing Cars That Will Compete In The 2020 Season

In less than a month, the Formula 1 race for the 2020 season will officially start. 2020 should be the season with the most races with 22 races, including two new races in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Zandvoort (Netherlands). However, due to health problems and bad situations in China caused by the word current situation, the race in Shanghai was temporarily delayed indefinitely. 2020 will also be the last year that racing teams will use cars with old designs before making crazy design changes next year. Those changes are expected to create expected disturbances throughout the tournament, allowing racing teams to compete fairly. Up to now, all 10 participating teams have launched their latest Formula 1 racing car and here are some of the fastest racing cars on the planet used this year.

Mercedes W11

Check Out The Formula 1 Racing Cars That Will Compete In The 2020 Season

Launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day with February 14 with Alpha Tauri, Mercedes W11 brings with it innovations that bring higher stability as well as better heat dissipation than the W10, which is often disadvantaged at the time of racing in hot weather.

New designs have also been applied to ensure the Formula 1 racing car complies with the 2020 regulations. The new stamp set has added INEOS details of the red inn.

This year, Mercedes-AMG Petronas will still compete with drivers Lewis Hamilton (44) and Valtteri Bottas (77).

Scuderia Ferrari – SF1000

Check Out The Formula 1 Racing Cars That Will Compete In The 2020 Season

Ferrari was surprised by the name SF1000 of the new Formula 1 racing car. This name marks the 1000th race that the company will participate in, taking place in this year’s Canadian race. However, that was the original plan when the tournament took place in full. With the race in China delayed, this particular race of Scuderia Ferrari will take place in France.

On the new model, Ferrari used the same front spoiler design as Mercedes-AMG and Red Bull, along with two compact side compartments, similar to the design of most racing cars this year.

The Scuderia Ferrari SF1000 will still be driven by two familiar drivers, Sebastian Vettel (5) and Charles Leclerc (16).


Check Out The Formula 1 Racing Cars That Will Compete In The 2020 Season

RB16 is the latest Formula 1 racing car from Red Bull Racing. It was also the last car developed in cooperation with this team with Aston Martin before the sports car company became a private racing team next year.

The RB16 has a hood design with specific air holes vented upwards. Like other cars, it also has a narrow body, extended rear wing and front wing which tends to stabilize when cornering rather than having a higher maximum speed.

Without any changes in personnel, Max Verstappen (33) will still accompany Thai-born racer Alexander Albon (23) to fight in this season.

Mclaren – MCL35

This year, Mclaren said it would mark a spectacular change in the title competition. Although only using engines from Renault, the team is confident that the design of the MCL35 will help them achieve a lot of success this year.

Appearing with the familiar orange shirt, the MCL35 is embellished with some blue details. The halo protection frame is painted in the same color as the Formula 1 racing car instead of black as before. McLaren also designed the car with a small body.

Good year, comical duo Lando Norris (4) and Carlos Sainz Jr. (55) will still be back in this team shirt.

Renault F1 Team – R.S.20

Back this year, Renault is no longer as prominent with yellow as in previous years, instead, this team will use black as the main color and yellow are used only as accents.

This year, Nico Hulkenberg has left to seek a stop and new success in other races. Replacing this driver at Renault will be Esteban Ocon (31) and will accompany Daniel Ricciardo (3).

Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen – C39

In the second season after his comeback, Alfa Romeo will still be Ferrari’s backyard team, using Ferrari engines and will compete with the mid-races. Everything may change in 2021, but for the time being, Alfa Romeo will still have the goal of conquering the top 10 and the top 5 in each race.

The Formula 1 racing car Alfa Romeo C39 is still wearing the familiar white – red shirt, along with the new sponsor logo from Poland, the oil company Orlen.

With funding from Orlen, Polish driver Robert Kubica (88) will become a substitute driver for Kimi Raikkonen (7) and Antonio Giovinazzi (99).

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