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Championship matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Barnsley vs Luton Town – Championship matches prediction

Championship matches prediction

Barnsley was very lucky to escape the relegation group in the final rounds with a convincing and impressive performance. Barnsley only lost 1 match in the last 5 rounds, in which 2 decisive wins in the last 2 matches of the official season helped Barnsley enter the list of the Championship this season.

On the other side of the front line, that performance of Luton Town is even more impressive than Barnsley. Luton Town was unbeaten in the last 5 matches, which won up to 3 victories. With high excitement, Luton Town continued to play sublimated in a series of friendly matches to prepare as well as beat Norwich City on the opening day of the League Cup. So as Championship matches prediction, a Luton Town who is flying high at this time is completely able to win all 3 points on the opponent’s field, which is not much better than Barnsley.

It can be seen that the ability to score poorly is what Barnsley and Luton Town have shown for most of the season, although there has been prosperity in the final rounds, it is undeniable that the bad strikers on both sides can show. Barnsley’s successful relegation has been a huge contributor to the fact that they have improved their defense and have greatly limited visible goals. The same goes for Luton Town’s final results this past season.

That advantage comes from the fact that Barnsley is playing at his home field in the context that between them and Luton Town does not have too much difference in terms of level. However, if Barnsley is playing quite well, Luton Town has shown a very high performance from the end of last season.

Bristol City vs Coventry City

Championship matches prediction

Bristol City ended the season in 12th place overall after having scored 63 points in 46 rounds and 17 wins throughout the season. Overall, this is not a bad achievement, but to be able to compete for a promotion, the home team will still need to try a lot more. In fact, Bristol City has also had a pre-season friendly match with a result of 1 victory.

Meanwhile, with Coventry City, the guests are rookie when they just won the Second Division with the top position with 67 points obtained after 34 games played. The sublimation at the end of the season helps coach Mark Robins’ army to be quite confident and they can be an umbrella horse in this season. Coventry City had a good pre-season recently when they were unbeaten in all three of their friendly matches, especially they just won against Milton to advance to the second round of the League Cup.

However, having to be a guest on Bristol City’s field in the first round will still be a challenge for them. As Championship matches prediction, it will be a match with a relatively tug of war, but the ability to explode is not too high.