Champions League Suspended Indefinitely. EURO Final Moved To 2021

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) and representatives of 55 member federations met to make important decisions about football competitions in Europe: Champions League and EURO final.

Champions League and Europa final postponed indefinitely

According to the latest announcement from UEFA, all official UEFA tournaments including men’s and women’s leagues, international friendlies at club levels will be postponed indefinitely. That is, the Champions League and the Europa final will not determine when to return to play. UEFA also said that it would issue the latest notification depending on the actual situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Earlier, the press reported that UEFA is expected to reschedule the Champions League final from May 30 to June 27, 2020. Similarly, the EURO final will be held from May 27 to June 24. However, experts worry that this plan will be difficult to complete because the Covid-19 epidemic is happening very unpredictably and cannot be controlled.

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Copa America 2020 also stepped back 1 year

According to the latest information from the South American Football Association (Conmebol), the 2020 Copa America will also be delayed one year like EURO 2020. The decision to postpone Copa America is very binding for Conmebol and members of the South American Football Federation. Because, just a few days ago, Conmebol also said that the spread of Corona virus in South America is not as strong as in Europe at the present time.

However, after that, international tournaments were postponed, and South American players who were playing in Europe were also at risk of Corona virus, so the organization of Copa America is now considered as not safe.

UEFA officially announced the transfer of EURO final to 2021

UEFA officially announced to move the EURO final to 2021 due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Twitter page of the Norwegian Football Federation has just published information about the official EURO transfer schedule to the summer of 2021, with the scheduled time of the tournament from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

EURO final
The new logo of the UEFA EURO 2021

According to the Daily Mail, the UEFA member associations all want the league seasons to continue and are expected to end at the end of June. Accordingly, the most powerful organization in European football has decided to move the Euro back. one year to organize in the summer of 2021. The plan to organize the European National Championship at the end of 2020 was also rejected.

This means that the European women’s football championship will also be delayed one year, starting on 11/7/2021 – the day of the men’s final tournament.

Earlier, UEFA made a second video call with 55 national federation members. According to New York Times journalist Tariq Panja, important decisions will be made: EURO 2020 will be moved to the summer of 2021. The tournaments including the Champions League and the Europa League end in the summer period, ensuring that it doesn’t affect too much the start of next season.

According to the Daily Mail, the content of the first meeting is that UEFA proposed that the EURO final round will be rescheduled for the summer of 2021. There are conflicting opinions on this issue. Some member states think that EURO 2020 could take place in the winter, similar to the 2022 World Cup. The final decision has not been made yet.

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During that time, European football was virtually paralyzed across the continent due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The risk of the leagues being canceled, even the UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA Europa League, is in the same situation.

EURO final
UEFA is meeting to decide on EURO 2020

An emergency meeting between the European Football Federation, 55 Football Federation members, representatives of football associations is being held and will end today, March 17. This is a video meeting to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. The chairman Aleksander Ceferin personally chaired this important meeting in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

During this meeting, UEFA tried to calculate reasonable playing time for the Champions League and Europa League. Financial issues will also be taken into account by UEFA. Changing the playing time also affects the advertising packages that UEFA has signed with partners. They are absolutely at risk of falling into a legal battle with donors.

On Tuesday, March 17, UEFA is conducting a video meeting with 55 member national football federations and other football associations. The chairman Aleksander Ceferin personally chaired this important meeting in Amsterdam (Netherlands). This video meeting will have 3 times of video calling, and all meeting participants will conduct the online meeting.
In the past time, European football was completely paralyzed. Over the weekend, a few matches in the French league (Ligue 1) are still scheduled. However, the rest of Europe’s top five leagues, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga, have decided to pause until the end of March.
The Covid-19 virus pandemic is causing UEFA to make a big and tough decision: Is the schedule for the EURO final finalized to the summer of 2021?