Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava Prediction | 1. Liga | 08/07

Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava prediction: Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava both got 3 points after 2 rounds in the new season this year. The next match, the two teams will have a meeting at Ceske Budejovice’s Stadión na Střeleckém ostrově. With the desire to have a favorable start to create a solid stepping stone, the goal of both Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava is 3 points in this match. So, after 90 minutes of competition, which team will bring home the victory?

Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava Prediction


  • Match date: 02:00 pm on 2021/08/07
  • Event: 1. Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 3rd
  • Location: Strelecky Ostrov



Ceske Budejovice with the home-field advantage, they are more appreciated by the bookie for their ability to win against their opponent Ostrava. Winning 3 points in this match will help the home team rise to the top.

Ceske Budejovice’s form in the last 5 matches: W D L W L

Ending last season Ceske Budejovice had to struggle to complete the goal of relegation with 13th place on the rankings. Entering this new season, the goal of Horejs David’s students will be a higher rank. But the preparation for this new season of Ceske Budejovice players is not really impressive. In the last 5 matches, despite having 2 wins, they also received 2 defeats and 1 draw.

Opening match of 1. Liga 2021/2022 Ceske Budejovice players played very impressively and won the first victory. But in the recent 2nd round match, they disappointed the fans when they had to lose 0-1 away from Slovacko players.

Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava Prediction

Ostrava’s form in the last 5 matches: W W W L W

Ostrava has prepared quite well before entering the new season 1. Liga 2021/2022, in 7 club-friendly matches, they are unbeaten in 4 matches and 3 draws. With that careful investment, Ondrej Smetana’s students are determined to win a higher rank this season and bring home a ticket to the European Cup.

After losing the opening match of the new season, in the second round, which took place at home against Zlin, the Ostrava players regained their form. With their advantage, coach Ondrej Smetana’s students took advantage of that opportunity and won with a bold score of 5-1.

Select: Ostrava FT.


Between Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava, there have been quite a few confrontations in tournaments. However, considering the last 5 confrontations, it can be seen that Ostrava is the team with a better record with 2 wins and 2 draws.

The last match the two teams met took place in the 18th round of 1. Liga last season, the end of 90 minutes was a 1-0 victory of the home team Ceske Budejovice.

Select: Ostrava FT.


The scoring record of Ceske Budejovice’s attack in the last 5 matches is not really outstanding when they have only brought back 6 goals. Meanwhile, the defense also received an average of 1 goal per game.

Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava Prediction

On the other side of the front line, Ostrava showed strength on the offensive front in the past time. After the last 5 matches, they have scored a total of 12 goals with a goal efficiency of 2.4 goals/match. Meanwhile, the defense has also gained more certainty when only conceding 4 goals.

With Over/Under 2.5, Ceske Budejovice has 2 Over times after the last 5 matches and Ostrava has 3 times to do the same.

Select: Under 2.5 FT.

Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava Prediction: Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava FT (1-1 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the 3rd match of 1. Liga between Ceske Budejovice vs Ostrava on 2021/08/07 of the CMD368 bookie.