Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense Prediction | Copa Libertadores | 7/13

Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense Prediction: Two extremely important victories over América de Cali and Deportivo La Guaira in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores group stage. These helped Cerro Porteno overcome challenges after a bad start. Going to the KO round with the second-place ticket and the opponent of the team from Paraguay will be Fluminense, who is in relatively good form at the moment.

Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense Prediction


  • Match date: 00:30 am on 2021/07/13
  • Event: Copa Libertadores
  • Stage: 1/8 finals
  • Location: Morumbí





Only being able to get 4 points after the first 3 matches of the group stage made it really difficult for Cerro Porteno to get tickets to KO. But the representative of Paraguay also knew how to overcome difficulties when the battles were over. Winning at the right time helps them continue as the second-ranked club in Group H. However, overall recently, Cerro Porteno’s performance is not too good with consecutive defeats in the domestic tournament. That’s definitely not what they can prepare for this KO campaign.

Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense Prediction

Meanwhile, with Fluminense, they’re playing very stable in the Copa Libertadores group stage and getting first place in the group. This team also had their first phase in Serie A Brazil. It can be considered acceptable, 3 recent unbeaten rounds can be seen as a solid stepping stone for Fluminense to return to the continental playing field. They will definitely be an opponent that Cerro Porteno will have to be really wary of in the first leg match on Paraguay’s land. 

Select: Under 2 FT. 


The home-field advantage will be the basis for Cerro Porteno will not suffer any loss compared to Fluminense in this match. A match where the representative of Paraguay will surely be the name that will be forced to rise. So they can find an advantage before the second leg. Fluminense can fully take advantage of the opportunity to have a tactical calculation for the match. The team from Brazil has always been an annoying club that can’t play in front of the opponent thanks to the discipline in defense. Fluminense’s defense if counted up to now in the domestic league is a good defense. 4th of the tournament with just 10 hits to pick up the ball. That can be a big advantage and especially when Cerro Porteno has not been able to play too well recently. When the lack of focus and the ability to improvise tactically is really problematic. 

Should know that in the last 5 marches away from home, Fluminense only lost 1 time. A parameter that is enough to make the home team shy. Especially when Cerro Porteno has only enjoyed 2 times of joy in 7 matches at the past home. Obviously, Fluminense’s goal for the first leg will be a positive result and quite possibly away goals. Something that can be considered possible considering Cerro Porteno’s form.

Select: Fluminense FT.


Both teams have good performance in Group H and D. Therefore, the temperature of the pitch will heat up quickly because of fierce competition on each ball phase. Right from the start of the match, the players of the two teams will quickly push up a strong attacking formation towards the opponent’s goal. For looking for opportunities to bring home goals. With superiority in attack, Fluminense will be the team capable of opening the scoring for the match in the first half.

Rosenborg vs Kristiansund Prediction: Cerro  Porteno 0 – 1  Fluminense H1 (1-2 FT).

Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense Prediction


Cerro Porteno: Irala, Duarte, Maiz, Espinola,  Arzamendia, Martinez, Gimenez,  Cardozo, Matheus,  Carrizo, Boselli.

Fluminense:  Muriel, Manoel, Braz, Martinlli, Calegari, Barcelos, Luiz, Ganso, Nene, Wellington, Cazares.

The above is information about the prediction in the 1/8 finals match between Cerro Porteno vs Fluminense of Copa Libertadores on 2021/07/13 of the CMD368 bookie.