Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 06/27

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction: Both Sao Paulo and Ceara are going through a relatively gloomy early season. They do not have really good positions on the rankings. So they will definitely aim to win in the upcoming match to improve their performance. 

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction


  • Match date: 11:30 pm on 2021/06/27
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Estadio Castelão






Still not able to get any victory after 6 rounds played is causing Sao Paulo to go through a really disappointing beginning of the season. They only 3 points are only helping the white shirt team temporarily ranked 18th on the chart. Obviously, Sao Paulo will still need to try a lot if it doesn’t want to have to go through the next phase in the bottom half.

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction

Meanwhile, with Ceara, the home team is not much better when with only 1 win in the previous 5 matches played. It’s making this team have to be stuck in 12th place on the table at the moment. There are too many problems in the game that Ceara needs to improve if they want to have a favorable result against Sao Paulo in the next match. It will be a competition with a relatively tight match, but it is unlikely that too many goals will appear.

Select: Under FT.


With their level, Sao Paulo is still a team that is slightly better than Ceara in this match. In general, this will be a relatively unpredictable match when both teams are not playing too well at the moment. Ceara will need to improve a lot in the game. Especially in defense when the defense has conceded 8 times so far. It is making this team pretty miserable. The defense could not meet the expectations in the attack and continued to play deadlocked, bringing too many disadvantages for Ceara. 

This is also the problem of Sao Paulo when the white team is also having difficulty in stabilizing their play in the new season. However, statistics show that Sao Paulo’s ability to play away from home is not bad with only 4 defeats in the last 12 trips. The number is quite impressive and will make Ceara really shy. When the home team has only been able to win 3 of the 9 matches played at their home before. This is the time when Sao Paulo needs to show their bravery. The visitors still have big advantages and many people still believe in their victory over Ceara.

Select: Sao Paulo FT.


European handicap is also an advantage for Sao Paulo’s away team against Ceara in this match. It will be a match with a relatively tight match. Both teams will be willing to play fair against each other to find the outcome in their favor. And with the class and certain advantages, it is likely that Sao Paulo will still be the team that has the last joy.

Select: Sao Paulo FT.


Should know Sao Paulo is unbeaten and has 2 wins in all 6 previous encounters with Ceara. So the away team will still have a basis for confidence in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. Make good use of the opportunity and the fact that Ceara is also playing superficially. It is likely that Sao Paulo will get what they need to overcome the current difficulties.

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction: Ceara 0-1 Sao Paulo FT (0-0 H1).

Ceara vs Sao Paulo Prediction


Ceara: F. Prass, B. Pacheco, S. Xavier, Charles, L. Otavio, T. Pagnussat, Ricardinho, Felipe, F. Sobral, Vinicius, R. Sobis.

Sao Paulo: T. Volpi, Reinaldo, D. Alves, T. Tche, Leo, Diego, I. Vinicius, I. Gomes, Luciano, Gabriel, P. Felipe.

The above is information about the prediction in the 7th match between Ceara vs Sao Paulo of Brasileiro Serie A on 2021/06/27 of the CMD368 bookie.