CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction | 2021/01/04 | La Liga 2

CD Lugo will have a reception for Sporting Gijon players in the Spanish second division. Let’s follow CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction.

A difficult match for the home team when the opponent is a team that is performing much better than them, will the home advantage help CD Lugo surprise and retain 3 full points or still, the level of the away Sporting Gijon team and a victory will follow them to leave.

CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00 pm on Monday 4th January 2021
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 20th


CD Lugo currently has 26 points and is ranked 11th in the standings, a poor performance of the home team. Statistics show that CD Lugo has only won 1 victory in the last 5 matches, constantly making mistakes in the decisive moments of the match makes the home team players face a lot of disadvantages. reception early next week.

Sporting Gijon currently has 32 points and is ranked 5th in the standings, a remarkable achievement compared to the home team. Statistics show that Sporting Gijon is showing a serious decline in performance when he has received 2 defeats and 2 match points with his opponent in the last 5 matches, if this is still happening, it is very It is difficult for the visitors to get their best performance from this out-of-home trip.

CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction:

Asian handicap CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.0

A rather simple trip to Sporting Gijon and this is an opportunity for the visitors to end the string of poor performances in the past time. Enter in confidence while reducing the pressure on the away field, deploying a reasonable stance and fully control the situation on the field, while actively creating dangerous opportunities to approach the opponent’s goal through That translating them into important goals is what the visitors want to aim for in this match. Sublimation competition and a victory will come to Sporting Gijon players.

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Over Under  

Odds: 2.0

With what has been shown in the past time, Sporting Gijon is a much more appreciated team and there is no reason for the visitors not to adopt a speed game and overwhelm the opponent from the first minute. rolling ball. Creating an effective stance will help Sporting Gijon players dominate the situation on the field so it is easy to find early goals to take the lead from clear dangerous opportunities. Predictably will be an open game and more goals appear for Sporting Gijon players.

Therefore, our expert believes that Over will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

Prediction:  Over 

CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction

Final Scores: CD Lugo vs Sporting Gijon Prediction 

With the recent performance of CD Lugo, a victory in this match is also the desire of the home team at the moment, but the possession of a poor quality team along with it is constantly suffering. Serious mistakes make it really hard for them to hope for the points at this reception.

Sporting Gijon is having many problems with the current form and the visitors will not miss a good chance to stop this, focus and score goals from the situations that approach the opponent’s goal. believe that the last joy will still follow the away team players.

→ Our prediction of the match result:

  • Lugo 0 – 2 Sporting Gijon (1st Half).
  • Lugo 1 – 3 Sporting Gijon (Full Time)

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  • Select: Sporting Gijon to win (Full Time)

Having 3 points in this match helps Sporting Gijon to rise to 4th place in the standings while shortening the distance with the above-ranked teams, but the most special one is to end the series with poor performance. through, creating confidence for the players so that they can get better performances in the upcoming matches.

An opportunity is too good and Sporting Gijon will not be easily missed, deploying an overwhelming stance and scoring goals from dangerous opportunities believe that a victory will still belong to the players and cheerleaders. guest team member.