Carom Billiards & Competition Rules

If you ask about the game that is popular with young people today, it certainly cannot lack the name Carom Billiards. So, do you know what it is and the rules? Let’s check out!

What is Carom Billiards?

Carom billiards has a style of 1-ball billiards and 3-ball billiards. This type of play is played with a net-free table, size is 1.5 x 3 m (5 x 10 ft), the balls have two sizes and one or two target balls.

Bonus up to 1000 usd cmd368

Single and 3-ball Carom billiards games are usually held in small to large tournaments. This content requires quite high techniques.

Carom Billiards

Carom billiards competition rules

1. Choose the starter

The referee places 2 balls on the line at the endpoint. The first point will be a landmark to divide into 2 parts of the opponent. Two players at the same time hit the ball towards the top of the ice, after touching the top of the ball will bounce, the ball closest to the headband will be the starter.


– In case two balls touch each other, they must play again.

– If the ball out of his table will lose and lose the right to start.

– The pitcher has the right to yield to the opponent.

– It can be drawn in selecting a player to start the match.

2. Position of the ball when making a bet

– The red ball will be placed at the beginning (the point located on the vertical centerline of the table, 142 cm from the top of the tape)

– The opponent’s ball will be placed at the endpoint (the point located on the vertical centerline of the table, 71 cm from the end tape).

– The starter’s ball is placed horizontally with the opponent’s ball, 18 cm from the left or right.

Carom Billiards

3. Declaration is valid

– The potter must hit the ball to touch the red ball first. If you do not touch it is a mistake.

– In the next shot, 1 of the 2 balls outside the target ball can be selected as the first target ball.

– Resetting the ball when it is sticky or dropped from the table: 3 balls are placed in the original position (the position where the ball is placed at the beginning of the game).

4. The breaking laws and losing the turn

– Balls fell off the table.

– Hit the ball when it has not stopped completely (regardless of the host or target).

– Use another part of the muscle outside the scalp to beat.

– Touch your hands, clothes or any other body part to any ball.

– When hitting the floor vacuum.

– Pushing the muscle (using speculation to touch the ball with the amount of time that exceeds the valid stroke).

– Hit the ball 2 times.

– Hit the wrong ball. (The referee and the player must catch this error. The player may catch this error at any time before or after the fight. The judge may only catch this error after the stroke has been made errors are counted)

– Ball jumping does not use the right technique.

Carom Billiards


– Balls jump to the tape and then return to the table is considered valid. If the ball remains on the tape or table, it is considered a foul and the player will take a turn.

– The unintentional errors are continued.

– If a foul is committed by an external collision, the player will not be caught. If the ball is moved due to external impact, it will be replaced and the player will continue to play.

– Skipping mechanically does not make a mistake (does not lose a turn) and still counts if hit as normal. (unless the iron part is covered by speculation or the handle touches the cue ball)

5. How to handle the happenings in the match:

– If for reasons beyond the Carom Billiards player’s control, the player cannot start the match then the match may be postponed or the organizers will decide.

– If a player is unable to finish the match in accordance with the rules then he will lose the game, unless the other player accepts the situation and agrees to finish the match at an appropriate time set by the organizer.

– If a player is disqualified during a match then he will lose the match and the other competitor will be declared victorious and there will be points scored in this match.

-If a player is disqualified during a match then all his matches will be canceled (including played matches and remaining matches).

– If for reasons beyond the control of the player who cannot start playing, the player must notify the referee in time to replace another player or pair. All competitors are subject to that emergency summons if a replacement is necessary.

– Whipping a ball on purpose is not allowed. If this is the case then the next player has the right to play against the balls at that position or have the right to request a retest.

– If a player uses an unusual amount of time between strokes or to determine his choice of shot with the intention of destabilizing the opponent’s playing psychology, the referee will issue a warning to the player. may lose a turn. If it continues, the umpire will be disqualified (when the warning arises the referee will announce the allowed time of 45 seconds).

6. End of the match

– The Carom Billiards match ends when a player reaches the specified score. If that player is the follower then that player will win and the match is over. If the player is the first to go, then the turn of that player will stop and the next player will start to play his turn from the opening until scoring, sliding or making a mistake. (Two competitors must play the specified number of innings, the player who has scored the most points will win)

– If the two sides are equal to the point when there are enough turns, it can be solved by one of the following ways:

+ Play with penalty shootouts to open until there is a difference in points.

+ Lucky draw

+ Compare the stats of the 2 players in the previous matches, whoever has the higher average is won.

– If no turn is given, then the player who has hit the number of points the organizer has set will win.
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