Jenson Button: ‘Carlos Sainz Does Not Come To Ferrari As A Base For Leclerc’

2009 F1 champion Jenson Button predicted that Carlos Sainz would soon win the F1 stage when driving a Ferrari.

“Sainz didn’t come to Ferrari as a base for Leclerc”

“If Ferrari team leader Mattia Binotto brought Carlos back, thinking he would help the common goal, but not competing with Charles Leclerc, I think he was wrong. I think Carlos has the quality of a champion. He wanted to take home the title. So Binotto chose the wrong person if he only wanted one to create a good atmosphere, “Button commented on the F1 Show.

Many people believe that Sainz was brought by Ferrari to be a "dual assistant" for Leclerc.
Many people believe that Sainz was brought by Ferrari to be a “dual assistant” for Leclerc.

After parting with Sebastian Vettel, who won four F1 championships, Ferrari recruited Carlos Sainz from McLaren. The Italian team acknowledged that signing the contract with Sainz was a gamble and many thought the 25-year-old driver would play the “double side”, inferior to the new team Leclerc.

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Last season, Carlos Sainz helped McLaren to fourth in the design category, while he himself was 6th in the racing category. The Spaniard first appeared on the podium when he finished third at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“Carlos did better than I thought he would have done last year. Of course, we would not have signed Carlos if he didn’t think he could get a job. Actually, he didn’t make any mistakes. What a mistake, “McLaren Zak Brown CEO commented on Carlos Sainz with Sky Sports.

“He’s very fast and team-mate. I was never worried when Carlos and Lando Norris supported each other on the track,” Brown continued.

Ferrari recruits Carlos Sainz

Spanish driver Carlos Sainz will play for Ferrari in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, according to F1 Italy’s announcement on May 14.

“I’m happy to be racing on a Ferrari since 2021. But I also want to give McLaren this season,” Sainz said on the Ferrari homepage.

Sainz has joined Ferrari since 2021.
Sainz has joined Ferrari since 2021.

Sainz will be Charles Leclerc’s teammate from next year. Their average age is 23.5, the youngest in Ferrari in 50 years. But team leader Mattia Binotto remains confident they will succeed. He said: “Sainz has long past five F1 seasons and he has proven his skills and suitability with Ferrari. Carlos Sainz and Leclerc are young but they are best suited to Ferrari’s goals in the future.”

Carlos Sainz is in line with Ferrari's goal
Carlos Sainz is in line with Ferrari’s goal

Sainz landed in Ferrari after a successful 2019 season with McLaren, coming back in sixth. This rank is the highest among the riders who aren’t in the top 3 teams. He debuted at F1 season 2015 with Toro Rosso, then moved to Renault. He competes for McLaren, alongside 20-year-old racer Lando Norris in 2019. Sainz’s route is similar to his compatriot Fernando Alonso, from Renault to McLaren and Ferrari.

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On the same day, McLaren announced the recruitment of Daniel Ricciardo to replace Sainz. Ricciardo played for Red Bull from 2014-2018.

Two transfers on May 14 left Sebastian Vettel’s future open. Ferrari announced that it would not renew its contract with Vettel on May 12. The German driver will leave Ferrari later this season. Many sources believe that Vettel may retire soon.