Can UEFA penalties cause City to give up the Premier League?

Latest football news today, Manchester City are suffering from a ban on playing in the European arena, will this difficulty make Guardiola’s army give up the Premier League? What will happen to them during this football current event?

The penalty of UEFA

3:00, February 20, 2019, Etihad Stadium, round 26 Premier League

Manchester City has just been banned from playing in the European arena for two consecutive seasons by UEFA due to a violation of financial regulations.

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In theory, the above penalty makes them no longer have many goals in the Premier League, because in addition to the championship position, the remaining positions only have the meaning of money in the football current event (on average each rank in the Premier League rankings the difference is over 3 million bonuses).

At the moment, Man City is preparing to play against Real Madrid in the eighth round in an attempt to win the Champions League title for the first time in club history. The penalty that Man City has just incurred makes the future of some players being questioned. But Laporte said the City players now focus solely on playing football.

Its affection on the race for the Champions League ticket

A question arises as to which club will win the European Cup of Manchester City if Pep Guardiola’s team finishes in the Top 4 this season.

While UEFA and the football current event organizers have yet to confirm it, Article 4.08 of the European Football Federation’s code states: “A club that is not allowed to participate in the tournament will be replaced by the next best-ranked club in same national championship, provided that this club meets the criteria of the tournament. As such, it is likely that the replacement club will have to finish in fifth place in the league”.

That means Sheffield United, who are fifth in the Premier League, have a great opportunity to attend the Champions League next season instead of Man City.

What will the future of Pep Guardiola be?

Pep Guardiola has a contract clause that allows him to leave at the end of this season. According to Sportmail, the deal the Spaniard signed last year with Man City allowed him to leave the Etihad Stadium if the manager meets the club’s requirements.

Understandably, if Pep helps Man City continue to win this football current event or be crowned in the Champions League, he is allowed to leave.

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In the current context, the coronation in the Champions League or the Premier League with Man City is very difficult.

Manchester City’s current situation

Manchester City is currently 25 points behind Liverpool, while the Premier League has reached the round of 26 so it will be difficult for Guardiola’s army to catch up to the opponent. So their hope of defending the champions has disappeared. However, for many reasons, there will be no way the Manchester team will give up in this football current event.

First of all Man City must play for honor, for the audience – people who bought tickets to see them play. In addition, Man City’s lawyers are submitting the case to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS), so they can hope to reduce the sentence or reduce the sentence. That means they still have the opportunity to play in Europe next season so they still have to play actively

Surely this penalty will have a negative impact on Man City, but at this point it will be difficult for City to “mourn”, they will have to stand up. Before entering the Winter holiday two weeks ago, Man City lost painfully against Tottenham, so Man City desperately needed a victory to regain their spirits.

In the match with West Ham

In the 26th round of Premier League, after a lot of effort, Man City finally opened the scoring in the 30th minute. From the corner kick of De Bruyne on the left, Rodrigo headed high into the far corner, defeating goalkeeper Fabianski. This is also the only goal in the first 45 minutes.

Entering the second half, the game still hasn’t changed when Manchester City still controls the match. In the 62nd minute, the home team had a goal to increase the gap after De Bruyne’s dangerous finish.

In the remaining minutes, Man City actively reduced the pace of play because ahead of them was the match against Leicester in the 27th round of the football current event at the weekend and the battle with Real Madrid in the 1/8 Champions League round in the middle of next week.

In the end, Pep Guardiola’s team consolidate the 2nd position in the Premier League table with 54 points, 4 points ahead of Leicester and 22 points behind leaders Liverpool.

In conclusion

Despite the penalty, Manchester City still mainly focus on playing football, trying to hold their defending champion title in this football current event. Center-back Laporte insisted the heavy penalty Man City had just received did not increase their motivation in the Champions League this season.