Cadiz vs Levante Prediction | La Liga | 01/19

Cadiz vs Levante prediction – Rookie Cadiz is still showing themselves as an undesirable team when they come to the top half of the rankings. Meanwhile, Levante is also playing well recently. Welcoming Levante at home, Cadiz really wants to take this advantage to get 3 final points.

Cadiz vs Levante Prediction


  • Match date: 6:00 pm on 01/19/2021
  • Event: La Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 19th
  • Location: Estadio Ramon de Carranza






In this season, 9 is the number of matches Cadiz has played at home. The specific result that Cadiz earned is 2 wins, received 3 draws and 4 losses. Thereby, the maximum number of points that Cadiz owns is 9/27 points.

Cadiz vs Levante comparison:

  • Considering the last 5 home matches, Cadiz did not play too well. There have been 2 Cadiz matches won. On the contrary, Cadiz had to draw 1 and lost 2 times. The loss rate is 40%. Most recently they beat Alaves 3-1.
  • In the opposite direction, Levante’s last 5 away games have not been so stable. 2 is the total number of wins Levante owns. 40% is the corresponding win rate. In the remaining 3 matches, they had to receive 1 draw and 2 losses. Recently, Levante won Portugalete 2-1.
  • Select: Levante FT


For the last 5 home matches that Cadiz attended, the defense was not good. 5 is the total number of goals that Cadiz had to accept. The corresponding conceding performance is 1 time/match. In terms of attack, they were able to score 5 goals. On average, Cadiz opened fire once.

Considering the 2 odds that the dealer offers, the last 5 home matches of Cadiz often win Over. The odds of Over winning is 60%. In the opposite direction, Over in Levante’s 5 recent away games are 60%.

In the last 5 away games alone, with Levante’s presence, the attackers are playing extremely effectively. 9 is the total number of goals Levante has got. On average, this team opened fire 1.8 times. In addition, the defense is not playing well with 5 goals lost.

Select: Draw 2 FT

Cadiz vs Levante prediction: Cadiz 1-1 Levante.

Cadiz vs Levante Prediction


Only the three latest confrontations between Cadiz and Levante: Levante is playing better than this opponent. 1 is the number of victories that this team has for you, accounting for 33.3%. Also, the total number of goals that appeared was 5.

In the last match between the two teams, Cadiz lost when kicking away. After 90 minutes of playing, they lost 1-2 in the end. According to experts, the first half is likely 1-0 for Levante.

Cadiz vs Levante prediction: Draw FT

The above is information about the prediction of Cadiz vs Levante in the match of the 19th round of La Liga on 01/19/2021 of CMD368 bookie.