Barca Has No Money To Buy Lautaro Martinez?

Former Inter Milan player Ivan Zamorano told the media that striker Lautaro Martinez is likely to stay in Milan’s half because the team pursuing Barcelona does not have enough money to recruit.

Barca has no money to buy Lautaro Martinez?

Martinez scored 18 goals in 33 matches this season and quickly caught the eye of Real Madrid and especially Barca. There are rumors that Inter is targeting PSG’s Edinson Cavani as a replacement for Martinez. However, the fee to activate the contract release clause of the Argentine striker amounted to 111 million euros and that is a major barrier for the Camp Nou team.

Lautaro has achieved many good achievements
Lautaro has achieved many good achievements

The Cule will surely be sadder after the revelation of a person close to Inter like Zamorano: “I really hope Lautaro will stay at Inter. He is quite young, only 22 years old. Cavani is 11 years older, with a lot of experience in different teams but whether Cavani came or not has nothing to do with his condition.

Barca is having a big financial problem, which does not allow them to recruit Lautaro. So in my opinion, he will stay, I really have no doubt about this.

Barca are having financial problems that may not allow them to recruit Lautaro
Barca are having financial problems that may not allow them to recruit Lautaro

Cavani may be another option in attack. There are many rumors, Alexis Sanchez will return to Man United, and Cavani can fill that gap at Inter.

I guarantee Lautaro is the future of Inter. Barca must put 100 million euros on the negotiating table first, at least that is the minimum requirement from Inter for him. Antonio Conte likes Arturo Vidal very much on the Barca side but they still want to have 100 million euros in cash. “

Former Real coach Fabio Capello shared the same opinion: “If I were Martinez, I would stay at Inter because at Barca he would only be a substitute. Going to Barca and competing with Luis Suarez is not a smart thing, while Martinez has a bright future at Inter “.

Messi continued to flatter he

Messi insists Lautaro Martinez is an excellent striker in the context of the Inter star is constantly rumored to move to Barca.

Lautaro Martinez has been linked with a move to Barca in the past few months following an impressive display at Inter with 16 goals in 31 matches this season. The Argentine is considered Barca’s top target. And the Catalonia team is ready to give the 22-year-old star a contract for a salary of 10 million euros/season.

Messi continued to flatter Barca's Lautaro Martinez goal
Messi continued to flatter Barca’s Lautaro Martinez goal

Coach Quique Setien said last month that he was neither pessimistic nor optimistic that the deal would be completed. And rumors of Lautaro Martinez’s move to Barca have been on the rise for the past few weeks.

While Messi is not sure whether these rumors are true or not, he admits to having enjoyed playing alongside Lautaro Martinez at the Camp Nou.

“If I’m honest, I don’t know much about whether the team is negotiating with him Martinez now. I don’t know anything, ”Messi told Mundo Deportivo.

“I think I have said this before, that Lautaro is an excellent striker, especially because I think he is a very comprehensive striker. He is strong, dribbles well, scores well, knows how to cover the ball. But we will have to see in the end what will happen to him and the other players. ”

In February, the Barca legend also praised him as an extremely comprehensive striker.

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