Bundesliga This Season: Not Bremen, Dortmund Is The Best Team

Bremen said they were the most disadvantaged because they did not have enough time to accumulate physical strength when the Bundesliga this season played again on 16/5. But on the other hand, Dortmund is the team that lost the most advantage. By the coach, Lucien Favre’s students are too dependent on the cheers from the stands.

Bundesliga This Season

Bundesliga this season back: Not Bremen, Dortmund is the best team

In the context of the global pandemic, the Bundesliga this season playing again, even on the field without the audience, was too happy. But technically, playing on the field without an audience will certainly bring very different scenarios, in which, disadvantages are inclined to the team that has strong fulcrum from home audiences like Dortmund.

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For a long time, Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park has been the hottest Bundesliga pan of fire. The vibrant stands, with 8,000 fans passionately cheering, brought tremendous motivation for Dortmund. Be aware that this season, Dortmund are leading the home record in the Bundesliga this season, with 30 points. Last season, they also won the most points in their home, with 44 points.

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In the context of being 4 points behind leaders Bayern, Dortmund needs the help of the “12th player” in the finish line to hold on to the hope of championship. Coach Favre’s army has 5 more home games, 2 of them are great battles. They will meet Schalke in the Ruhr derby as soon as Bundesliga this season returns on May 16 and then, there is a “final” season against Bayern Munich on May 26.

The Signal Iduna Park yard has a capacity of 8,000 and is always covered
The Signal Iduna Park yard has a capacity of 8,000 and is always covered

To win those matches, Dortmund needs more energy from the stands of Signal Iduna Park. And unfortunately, that would not be possible. Not to mention winning, the prospect of competition without the audience even threatens the possibility of scoring Dortmund.

The fact has proved this. Immediately prior to a complete break from the pandemic, Dortmund met PSG in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 on the Parc des Princes. The thought of not having the support of the home crowd is a big disadvantage for the French team, especially after they lost to Dortmund 1-2 in the first leg on German soil. However, those who are affected are Dortmund. They lost the excitement and easily took a 0-2 defeat, thereby being eliminated with a final outcome of 2-3.

In a statement after the match, Coach Favre explained: “We have received 2 goals in a way that is not worth it. My players lost the excitement of playing in a calm atmosphere like a training session and easily made mistakes. ” What Favre mentioned, frighteningly, can completely repeat right this weekend, when Dortmund host Schalke in the derby.

Nothing reversed the decision to ban the audience. So, instead of blaming the cold atmosphere, Dortmund should learn how to play better without the fulcrum of the “12th player”. Otherwise, even their second place in the rankings would be hard to keep under pressure from Leipzig and M’gladbach.

It cost me 15 million euros

With a capacity of 8,000 people and always covered, Signal Iduna Park yard brings a large source of Dortmund’s revenue each game, this team earns 3 million euros in tickets. So, besides the professional disadvantage, having to play on the field without the audience also takes away about 15 million euros that they should have after the next 5 home games.