Highlight Dramatic Bundesliga Result Bayern Munich – Paderborn

The highlight of Bayern Munich – Paderborn, round 23 Bundesliga Result) Bayern face fierce opposition from Paderborn despite playing at home.

Although Paderborn is a weaker opponent, Bayern still has the strongest team possible. Immediately after the opening whistle, Bayern pushed the squad up as usual and put pressure on the opponent’s field and Paderborn took the initiative to play defensive – counterattack.

With home advantage, Bayern entered the game excitedly, but the visitors were Paderborn who created the first dangerous opportunity when in the 4th minute, their owner Mamba came down to face and finished the net. Neuer, but the offside is unfortunate. A few minutes later, Bayern responded with a header that did not hit Lewandowski’s unfortunate ball in the penalty area.

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Bayern made many defensive mistakes in this match
Bayern made many defensive mistakes in this match

In the 25th minute, Proger on Paderborn had a dangerous ball situation just outside the penalty area, the ball was circulated to Tolisso and then Gnabry before the former Arsenal player had a solo phase in the penalty area and then left the ball skillfully on the left. far corner, open the match score.

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Early goal helped Bayern play confidently and leisurely in the following minutes. But right at the time of the first half only 1-minute left officially, goalkeeper Neuer made a difficult mistake to forgive, when there was a poor clearance to prevent, to Srbeny on Paderborn’s side to pass and score a goal draw numbers 1-1 after the first 45 minutes.

The first minutes of the second half took place with a one-sided game when Bayern’s strikers constantly made the visitor’s goalkeeper Zingerle work hard. After 70 minutes, after many efforts, Bayern had a goal when Gnabry used the speed of penetration into the penalty area before a favorable counterattack for Lewandowski to cushion the ball easily, raising the score to 2-1.

Thought Bayern would learn from the first goal, but their defense continued to reveal deadly gaps. Only 5 minutes after Lewandowski’s goal, the player replaced Jastrzembski down the ball on the left-wing, the powerful cross corner forced Neuer to push the ball away, and Michel was present to cushion the ball 2-2.

The final minutes of the game saw Bayern rushing in with successive opportunities created. After much effort, until the 87th minute, the Bayern fans seemed to burst when Lewandowski welcomed the cross as Gnabry’s left flank, cushioning his heart easily set a dramatic 3-2 victory for “Gray Lobster”. With this result, Bayern is 4 points behind RB Leipzig after the team and play more than 1 match.

Bundesliga Result: Bayern Munich 3-2 Paderborn (1st half: 1-1)


Bayern Munich: Gnabry 25 ’, Lewandowski 70’, Lewandowski 88 ’

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Paderborn: Srbeny 44 ’, Michel 75’


Bayern Munich: Neuer, Odriozola, Kimmich, Alaba, Lucas Hernandez, Davies, Tolisso, Thiago, Gnabry, Coutinho, Lewandowski.

Paderborn: Zingerle, Jans, Holtmann, Strohdiek, Schonlau,  Antwi-Adjej, Vasiliadis, Mamba, Gjasula, Proger,Srbeny.

Winning the match, Bayern had 49 points after 23 rounds and they were temporarily creating a 4-point gap against the second-place team RB Leipzig. Meanwhile, Paderborn is still in the team position when there are only 16 points.
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