Bundesliga Restart: Opportunity For Reserve Players

The Bundesliga Championship was shut down on March 13 to limit the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, but the German Football Federation (DFL) has detailed plans to restart two top leagues from May 15.

After a period of postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bundesliga will kick the remaining 9 rounds on May 16 in front of the bleachers. Following a meeting between organizers and the German Government, Chancellor Angela Merkel approved plans to restart the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga organizers decided that each club would replace 5 players in a match to keep the players strong and also increase the chances for the players to sit on the bench.

The Bundesliga will allow replacing 5 players

In addition to the stadiums not allowing viewers to watch, the organizing committee of the top two German football competitions of the Bundesliga also applies a new law: each team replaces 5 players/match. The new rules, approved by the International Football Federation Council (IFAB), both help protect the health of the player and do not prolong the “dead ball” time.

“From now on, each club will have a total of three chances to replace players in a match, including halftime. If the playoffs are relegated, both teams have a chance. “They can use both the break between official or extra time to do this,” the German Football Federation (DFL) said. Also according to the DFL, clubs should replace up to two players at a time.

Opportunity for reserve players thanks to the new law in the Bundesliga
Opportunity for reserve players thanks to the new law in the Bundesliga

A total of 35/36 clubs in the two top German leagues voted to support the kick for the end of the 2019-2020 season. Although this season is expected to end at the end of June DFL said the match will last until July if required. There is absolutely no planning if “the season can’t be completed for health reasons”.

“In case the season has to be canceled early, another relevant rule will be released within the next two weeks,” the DFL statement said.

Players must strictly follow social rules

The two German football tournament tournaments, Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will return on the night of May 16 (Vietnam time) and become the first leading tournament in Europe to restart since the Covid-19 pandemic. The matches will have no spectators to minimize the spread of the disease and it seems that the organizers do not relax the social rules for anyone.

The players are forced to strictly follow social rules
The players are forced to strictly follow social rules

Also related to the match without the audience, German sports newspaper Bild said that even the German national team coach was not given the right to monitor his players from the stands. That means Mr. Joachim Low will not be able to see the players in need such as Timo Werner (striker of RB Leipzig), Kai Havertz (Leverkusen) or Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich) when international football at the national level. going back to work soon. Joachim Low is preparing to lead Germany to the EURO 2020 finals this summer before the tournament is transferred to 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.