Bundesliga may be closed in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak

According to the Bundesliga Organizing Committee, playing on the field without an audience is the only way to make this tournament available to the Bundesliga  2019/20 clubs in the near future.

The Bundesliga decided to postpone until the beginning of April

So after the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Serie A and both the Champions League and the Europa League, the Bundesliga is the last major European tournament to announce a suspension until April 2. Earlier this tournament is still expected to kick all round 26 this weekend on the field unattended.

After the latest meeting was held, DFL decided to immediately stop the Bundesliga  2019/20 26 round, scheduled to take place this weekend, not according to the old plan to still play but on the field without the audience. The pause will last until at least 2/4. In addition, the DFL meeting and representatives of clubs next Monday will discuss solutions during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic season.

History says Bayern will win the Bundesliga

Before the Bundesliga, other major tournaments were postponed, from the national team to the European Cup. According to many sources, the highest tournament in Germany is considered to end the season without even having to determine the ranking between teams, which means no champions.

On the personal twitter page of Manuel Veth, Transfermark expert, North American regional director wrote: “The Bundesliga  2019/20 can end next Monday without champions. The top team will qualify for the Champions League. No team will be relegated and the 2020/21 season will have 22 teams with the last 5 teams relegated. “

Currently, in the Bundesliga, Bayern is leading the rankings with 55 points. Dortmund (51), RB Leipzig (50) and M’gladbach (49 ‘) are the pursuing teams behind. Meanwhile, 3 teams in the red light group are Dusseldorf, Bremen and Paderborn.

The Bundesliga 2019/20 season may be closed for play in the middle of the Covid-19 season

This is shared by Christian Seifert, CEO of BTC professional football competitions in Germany.

Postponed matches can cause clubs to lose large amounts of revenue from television rights or sponsorship contracts. This can make the club struggling. To solve this problem, Mr. Christian Seifert considered the competition on the field without spectators as a unique solution to the problem.

Delaying matches in the Bundesliga  2019/20 could cause teams to lose revenue from television and advertising rights

Speaking to the media, Mr. Christian Seifert said: “If the clubs do not get revenue from television rights, advertising, sponsorship contracts, everything may not matter in a short time. But if it goes on for a long time, it will be a huge problem.

Playing on the field without the audience will probably be the end for many clubs to help them continue to earn the above revenue. I understand football is a billion-dollar business, and its center is in matches. Approximately 56,000 jobs are created depending on the match.

Without the funding and revenue from television rights, these jobs and the existence of clubs is also on alert. ” https://thenewssports.net/