BUNDESLIGA 1 continued to have positive cases in the second test

Germany football second-class club, Erzoltirge Aue put in order to ask his entire squad to be isolated at home from Tuesday after a member of the Bundesliga 1 team gave a positive result to Covid-19.

BUNDESLIGA 1 continued to have positive cases in the second test
Despite the insecurities, RB Leipzig planned to join the squad to improve.

This is the first case to confirm positive in the second test round of German football.

Earlier on Monday, the Association of German Championships (DFL) announced the results of the first batch, starting as of Thursday, confirming as many as 10 positive samples out of a total of 1,724 samples. taken from players and Bundesliga 1 staff of 36 teams in the top 2 divisions. The latest developments in the case of the Erzoltirge Aue Club, which is causing concern, will be more cases of infection when the results of the next test will be officially announced on Thursday by Germany football leaders.

However, the determination to bring football back is still very strong in Germany, despite the unpredictable epidemic situation in the country and in the context of the neighboring countries of the Netherlands and France, end of their season.

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According to Reuters, during a decisive meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders in Germany football today, the German Sports Commission meets and is expected to make a proposal in the hope that German football will be “green light” to be able to return to the expected schedule on 15-5.

As for the clubs in Germany, all representatives of their top two divisions are committed to making efforts to bring the season to a close by the end of June. At this point, after weeks of individual training and with the groups Small, there are already teams ready to join the whole squad to start practicing. RB Leipzig champion candidate – only 1 point behind Borussia Dortmund and 5 points behind Bayern Munich – is expected to take the lead in this. While Wolfsburg also claimed to have been allowed by the city government to resume training for the team.

Former Chelsea star disruptive, Bundesliga comeback day precarious due to 10 positive cases

Salomon Kalou, the striker wearing a shirt, Salomon Kalou casually publicized the image of breaking the social gap rule, and the Bundesliga 1 has just confirmed 10 cases of Covid-19 positive after the first test. raised concerns about safety if football in Germany football returns.

BUNDESLIGA 1 continued to have positive cases in the second test
Salomon Kalou is aware of the harm of his actions. 

Recently Kalou, the 34-year-old former striker of Chelsea, posted a video on Facebook showing him skipping social distance measures. The Ivorian was seen shaking hands with his team-mates, Hertha, even disrupting medical examinations of others. Kalou soon deleted the video, however, the Association of German Championships (DFL) was disappointed to call this “unacceptable” action.

Hertha Berlin, for its part, the 13th-ranked team before the Bundesliga 1 postponed, announced that the decision to suspend all activities of this player takes effect immediately, and General Director Michael Preetz also emphasized: “With his video, Salomon Kalou not only caused great harm to Hertha Berlin, but also gave the impression that the players did not take seriously the issue of the Covid-19 translation, in between a great time to discuss resuming football. and the role of professional matches. “

The player who had 97 caps for the Ivory Coast then apologized, explaining that it was just an accidental moment because he was too excited to know his test result was negative. However, it seems too late because observers now worry more about safety if football returns soon, expected on May 16.

The German government and heads of all German states will meet on May 6, the meeting was expected to make a decision to extend the restrictions. However, after the recent movements, it seems that the target to Germany football return in mid-June is quite precarious.

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