British GP 2020: Lewis Hamilton won the most spectacular way

Lewis Hamilton won his seventh victory at the British GP 2020 with a “unique” performance. He completed more than half of the last lap with a tire that exploded. Only the level and bravery of a champion can make such a victory.


The race at Silverstone on Sunday afternoon began with Nico Hulkenberg unexpected comeback – replacing Racing Point’s Sergio Perez, who was positive for Covid-19. Unfortunately for the replacement driver, his car was in need of repair, so it was expected to start from the pit lane, but at the last minute, the team announced that Hulkenberg would not be able to attend the British GP 2020 due to the failure. overcome. 

Hulkenberg left the race before it started
Hulkenberg left the race before it started

Only 19 riders will participate in British GP 2020. There are two penalties that make the position of riders Daniil Kvyat and George Russell the end of the race. The Silverstone Circuit is in perfect condition before it enters the race. The racing course temperature is 20ºC and the road surface temperature is around 38ºC, which promises an exciting race.

In the top 10 riders starting, up to ½ use average tires (Medium), the rest are soft tires (Soft). The strategy with Medium tires will be about 23 rounds and switch to hard tires (Hard). Drivers using Soft tires at the beginning of the race will run about 20 laps then switch to Hard, or run 2 turns (about 16 laps) before switching to Medium. But each racing team has a different way of using the tire tactics for their riders.

Starting situation British GP 2020
Starting situation British GP 2020

After formation-lap, the riders return to position. When the signal light went out, the race headed for the first corner. Despite the competition right from the first meter for the 1-2 and 3-4 pairs, but the first lap finishes the position unchanged. That was when Albon collided with Magnussen, causing Haas’s driver to hit the lawn and make a safe vehicle (SC) appear on the track. Magnussen became the second driver to give up on this stage, with the car damaged. Earlier, Sainz and Ricciardo took the Leclerc close, pushing both Norris and Stroll back with 7-8.

The collision with Albon caused Magnussen to give up British GP 2020
The collision with Albon caused Magnussen to give up


Kvyat's vehicle was completely damaged after a crash hit the barrier
Kvyat’s vehicle was completely damaged after a crash hit the barrier

In the 6th round of British GP 2020, the race continued after SC left the track. The top 10 are Lewis Hamilton, Bottas, Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Ricciardo, Norris, Stroll, Ocon, and Vettel. In round 7, Albon stopped the first pits, switched to Hard tires, and returned to the end of the race. With the racing speed showing after 10 laps, the Mercedes duo has left the Red Bull racer for more than 3 seconds, as well as Verstappen is about 6 seconds ahead of Leclerc, maybe the top 3 positions have been confirmed. , unless there are surprises going on for the rest of the race.

The drama at the beginning of the race probably lies in the group competing for the position in the top 10, from rank 5 to 12 with a small gap, but also no position fluctuations. Round 13, SC once again deployed by Kvyat lost control crashed into the barrier at the corner of Maggots, is the 3rd driver to give up. The top riders take advantage of the pit-stop right after the next round, so they keep their rank. All use Hard tires for the next run. The longer SC stays on the track, the more realistic the 1pit-stop strategy becomes.

SC left the track and the race continued on lap 19. Grosjean was in the top 5 when the driver had never had a pit-stop. The McLaren duo has moved ahead (rank 6-7) Ricciardo of Renault. The appearance of Grosjean in the top 10 also pushed Vettel to 11th. Albon was in 14th place, was supervised by the race supervisor to issue a penalty of +5 seconds for causing an accident with Magnussen at the beginning of the race. Although the race had just returned, Verstappen was unable to keep up with the Mercedes duo and let the opponent re-establish the gap, as both Lewis Hamilton and Bottas took turns setting the fastest-lap by the 24th round of British GP 2020 racing.

Bottas' tire explosion incident brought drama to the track British GP 2020
Bottas’ tire explosion incident brought drama to the track.

Round 25, Grosjean was overcome by both McLaren duo. With the old Medium tires, he will soon be overtaken by the top 10 riders, if there is no early pits stop. But the French driver is showing his ability to maintain a stable speed on the old tires, through the 30th round, he still maintains his position under pressure from rivals behind.

In round 31 of British GP 2020, Albon stopped pits and served a 5-second penalty, then shifted to Medium tire and returned to the end of the race, 17 seconds from Latifi / Williams. Despite trying, perhaps the position for this rider, in the end, is difficult in the top 10. Meanwhile, the two Mercedes riders continue to lead and take turns setting the fastest-lap.


Hamilton made a difference - exploded and won in British GP 2020
Hamilton made a difference – exploded and won in British GP 2020

Round 37, after losing 2 positions, Grosjean once pit-stop to switch to Hard tires, and back to the end of the race. Previously, Vettel was overtaken by Gasly / Alpha Tauri, and if the rankings were maintained, Gasly (10th) would score for the team.

The race went on without any noticeable developments. Despite coming from the end of the race, round 50, Bottas had a loss of steering and exploded the front tire, resulting in an unintended pit-stop and fell to 12th place. Comfortable in 2nd place with a great distance compared to With opponents both front and rear, Red Bull immediately called the Verstappen pit-stop with the aim of earning the fastest-lap score. Shortly thereafter, Sainz exploded in the ring of 51 and also fell out of the top 10.

But the drama of the race does not stop there. In the final round, Lewis Hamilton exploded on the left front tire, but because of the distance with the driver chasing the back to more than 31 seconds, this driver tried to finish with 3 tires intact, right in front of Verstappen. The events on the track in the last lap also indirectly put Albon into the top of the scoring, and the driver’s effort is not just one point.

At the end of the 52 races, Hamilton showed the champion’s position, winning the most spectacular way – the same tire exploded. Perhaps the British rider was lucky, but there’s no denying that one thing, his bravery, and his experience have made this dramatic victory.

Lewis Hamilton has won one more time at the home race – British GP 2020 – 7 times to win the tournament, the third victory through 4 races this season. Verstappen finished second regretfully with the fastest-lap, right in front of the drivers Leclerc / Ferrari, Ricciardo, Norris / McLaren, Ocon / Renault, Stroll / Racing Point, Gasly / Alpha Tauri, Albon / Red Bull and Vettel / Ferrari.