Brest vs Angers Prediction | Ligue 1 | 03/21

Brest vs Angers prediction – Brest still can not bring peace of mind to their fans. They are still in a dangerous position on the rankings when not playing well. Marching to Brest’s home field, Angers was determined to have 3 points. Which team will be able to smile after this match ends?

Brest vs Angers Prediction


  • Match date: 2:00 pm on 03/21/2021
  • Event: Ligue 1
  • Stage: Matchday 30th
  • Location: Stade Francis-Le Ble




Brest vs Angers Prediction



Before entering this match, Brest was in a bad shape when there was only 1 victory in the last 5 rounds, the rest of them lost. This achievement has pushed the home team down to 14th place on the standings. Currently, they have 34 points after 29 matches played.


Angers has acceptable performance, with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. In Ligue 1, they are getting 39 points from 11 wins, 6 draws and 12 defeats. In theory, it is still possible for Angers to reach the European Cup next season, but the chance is very small.


Considering the last 5 openings with the presence of Brest, the player who believes this team must have received disappointment when their team lost 3 matches in money, only won 2 and 1 of them was the match wins half of the bet. On the other side, Angers is slightly better when they win 3 matches, and lose 2. The odds of winning the home team and away team are 48.3% and 55.2% respectively.

Select: Draw FT


In the previous 5 rounds, the Brest strikers had 6 goals, averaging 1.2 goals/game. However, their minus point lies in the very bad defense, with 12 goals to receive. However, Brest is also quite unlucky when their opponents in the last few rounds are very strong teams such as Marseille, PSG, Monaco and Lyon.

Also during this time, Angers had 8 goals, equivalent to 1.6 goals/game. In defense, this team has only 4 times to concede.

Select: Under 2.25 FT

Brest vs Angers prediction: Brest 1-1 Angers.

Brest vs Angers Prediction


In the last 5 encounters between Brest and Angers, this is a fairly well-balanced encounter for the Ligue 1 fans. The balance is shown in points, each team has their own. 1 win. However, in the last 2 confrontations, the winning advantage belongs to the visitors when they won all 6 points in those matches. Certainly, when they return to their home field, Brest will want to repay both principal and interest in the next match.

Brest vs Angers prediction:  Draw FT


Brest: Larsonneur, Chardonnet, Brassier, Gabirel, Peraud, Lucas, Lasne, Charbonnier, Le Douaron, Faivre, Mounie.

Angers: Bernardoni, Traore, Thomas, Bamba, Manceau, Mangani, Coulibaly, Amadou, Boufal, Fulgini, Diony.

The above is information about the prediction of Brest vs Angers in the match of the 30th round of Ligue 1 on 03/21/2021 of CMD368 bookie.