Brescia accepted to lose 0-3 in the remaining matches in Serie A

Brescia Club President Massimo Cellino announced that he would not accept the rest of Serie A in the 2019-2020 season.

The Serie A bottom-standing team declared that the end of the COVID-19 epidemic would not kick the season

“For me, it’s crazy to be back playing now,” Cellino told Gazzetta dello Sport on April 2. “If they force us to do that, I am more willing to let Brescia withdraw and give in 0-3 than appear on the pitch. It is respect for the people of Brescia and the people they love have passed away.”

Brescia President Massimo Cellino criticized the idea for the tournament to return. Photo: Reuters.
Brescia President Massimo Cellino criticized the idea for the tournament to return. Photo: Reuters.

He also added: 

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“This year’s Serie A season doesn’t make any sense. We have stopped, no team will be back to where we were before. The stadiums will only host matches without spectators and there is still a risk of The health of the players, “said Massimo Celino, President of Brescia Club, in Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Brescia is at the bottom of Serie A.
Brescia is at the bottom of Serie A.

Italy was most severely affected by the COVID-19 epidemic with more than 110,000 cases and 13,155 deaths. Despite that, Serie A leaders insist that the 2019-2020 season will return after the epidemic is under control. “The current season of Serie A does not make sense. We have stopped it, no team can return to the way it was before, the stadiums will play without the audience, the health of the players. players also face danger, “Cellino said.

On 1/4, UEFA announced the Champions League and Europa League will be postponed indefinitely, in order to facilitate the national championships in Europe again. On April 2, the Belgian Championship became the first European league to end the 2019-2020 season early.

Cellino criticized UEFA’s decision, arguing that the highest governing body of European football is too financially focused. He said: “UEFA cannot push everything. The season will close on June 30. It is also the time to announce the club budget and player contracts.

UEFA is too arrogant and irresponsible. They just think about your economic interests and tournaments, “Cellino said. “But UEFA cannot decide the future of Serie A. Italy will do that. If Serie A comes back, it must end before June 30. Will they make us play two days a game? Or does UEFA have it?” “If UEFA wants to do something useful, they send oxygen tanks and gas masks to Brescia. We will be grateful for that.”

Cancelation if benificial for Brescia?

Brescia is currently at the top of Serie A and is likely to relegate after this season. Therefore, Mr. Celino was supposed to cancel the season, not counting the results to save the home team. Claudio Lotito, the Lazio club president, who was competing for the championship with Juventus before the tournament was postponed, criticized the owner of the Brescia club.

Mr. Celino denied this suspicion and did not say that the Brescia Club chose “erase” the season. Entrepreneurs who once owned both Cagliari (Italy) and Leeds United (England) led criticism of the European Football Association (UEFA) when the agency took the league to end before July.

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“UEFA can’t decide on Italy. If Serie A comes back and has to end on June 30, are they going to make us play two days a game? Or does UEFA have the power to extend the day to 72 hours?”? “, President of Brescia Club said.

“If UEFA wants to do something useful, they should send oxygen tanks and masks to Brescia. We will be very grateful for that.”

European football is on an indefinite delay due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most national championships, except for Belgium, have just decided to finish early when there is only one round left, no plans to return to play or cancel.

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