Brazil vs Ecuador Prediction | Copa America | 06/27

Brazil vs Ecuador prediction: Brazil continues to prove their strength and bravery. Despite letting Colombia lead most of the time in the last match. But they still know how to get up and make a comeback. Thereby maintaining their unbeaten streak. The Samba dancers are proving too overwhelming and Ecuador can hardly be their worthy opponent in the last match of Group B.

Brazil vs Ecuador Prediction


  • Match date: 09:00 pm on 2021/06/27
  • Event: Copa America
  • Stage: Matchday 5th
  • Location: Estádio Olimpico Pedro Ludovico






3 extremely brave points against Colombia have helped Brazil still keep their full score. They got 9 points after 3 rounds and won 1st place in Group B at this time. Currently, they are still proving extremely powerful with a very perfect drop point. It can be seen that, despite having firmly secured the place to continue with the top of the table, but not so that Brazil underestimates the closing match. They will maintain a series of consecutive wins in the past time.

Brazil vs Ecuador Prediction

Meanwhile, Ecuador has a period of concentration that can be considered bad for this team. When they went through 5 consecutive matches without a win if including 2 losses in the previous World Cup Qualification. Ecuador is no longer what they are. Now, their chances of going on at the biggest football festival on the continent are also being questioned. When Ecuador is just ahead of Venezuela in the sub-index. It is even more difficult when they have to face the defending champion and also host Brazil in the final match. A match where Brazil will certainly continue to prove their dominance. And the possibility that the result will explode in terms of goals is very large.

Select: Over 2.75 FT (Over 15 H1).


With the home-field advantage and superior class, it is not surprising that Brazil is still the name that has won absolute trust from the professional side. It will be really difficult for Ecuador to stop the footsteps of the defending champion of the tournament. Ecuador has played down too much compared to what they showed 3 months ago. They are no longer a team with great enthusiasm and a somewhat attractive style of play. Instead, there is a confusing lack of synchronization between routes. At the same time, the pillars could not prove their capacity. It is completely different from Brazil that is still different from the rest of the group. And they are still on the way to defending the throne in this year’s tournament.

Another big facility when Brazil is still playing at home. And clearly, all factors are on their side. It will not be too surprising if Brazil continues to win in this round of the bottom of Group B.

Select: Brazil FT.


The European handicap is also the domination of the Brazilian home team. There are not many opportunities for Ecuador to surprise Brazil this time. While Brazil is still showing superiority. Brazil is expected to continue to win and prolong their sublimation series.

Select: Brazil FT.


Brazil also sowed for Ecuador at home in the match 20 days ago in the WC 2022 qualifiers with a 2-0 victory. Now, when the mood is still not much different, it is really difficult for Ecuador to find a solution to the current Brazilian problem that is too difficult. Neymar and his teammates are still at their peak and they will likely still know how to completely overwhelm their opponents.

Brazil vs Ecuador prediction: Brazil 3-0 Ecuador FT (2-0 H1).

Brazil vs Ecuador Prediction


Brazil: Ederson, Silva, Sandro, Danilo, Militao, Fabinho, Fred, Neymar, Jesus, Soares, Gabigol.

Ecuador: Dominguez, Arreaga, Estupinan, Preciado, Arboleda, Mendez, Mena, Preciado, Gruezo, Franco, Valencia.

The above is information about the prediction in the 5th match between Brazil vs Ecuador of Copa America on 2021/06/27 of CMD368 bookie.