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Brasileiro Serie B matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Avai FC vs Botafogo – Brasileiro Serie B matches prediction

Brasileiro Serie B matches prediction

Round 4 is a confrontation between two teams in a fluttering form, Avai welcomes Botafogo at home. This is a fiercely competitive match because both teams are looking for a promotion ticket. The open-minded gameplay promises a satisfying double act.

Avai is determined to return to the league with the top tournament after a down season. Start off with a 3-1 home win over Nautico. Public class is undisputed, especially explosive at home.

However, the ability to defend is still a fatal weakness, partly from the dedication of play, this season has to go into the net to pick up the ball twice. Very high home form scored 8 goals in the last 4 unbeaten matches, winning 3 of them. One more jubilant game of strikers is difficult to prevent.

After a rather lackluster date, Botafogo is steadily growing with the victory over Confianca. They have only lost 1 game away from the Cruizero and have increasingly impressive performances. Public goods flourished to score 3 goals in the last 3 rounds.

However, the defense has many limitations, conceding 3 goals from the beginning of the season. Avai’s march to the field was overwhelming, the ability to keep a clean sheet was not appreciated in the next match. As the Brasileiro Serie B prediction, with the high form of strikers can completely trust the chance of a goal.

  • Avai: Capa, Airton, P. Castro, L. Frigeri, Z. Marcos, Betao, Arnaldo, Valdivia, Wesley, Rildo, Lourenco.
  • Botafogo SP: Willian, M. Ferreira, D. Cardoso, Darley, Reginaldo, Didi, C. Sa, Rafinha, Gustavo, Ronald, Murilo.

Oeste vs Ponte Preta

Brasileiro Serie B matches prediction

Oeste did not really get in the high form before the tournament started because they had to receive 2 defeats in the last 2 preparatory matches. However, if you pay close attention, they only have to lose against pretty brawny opponents such as Corinthians.

Meanwhile, Ponte Preta has never had a really significant fighting power because the 0-1 defeat at home on the day of departure against 1 Ameria MG is not too formidable. Obviously, this will be a good opportunity for Oeste to win their debut with an inherent home-field advantage.

The attackers of both Oeste and Ponte Preta are having certain problems during the start of the new season. That is the main reason why the two have not been able to achieve satisfactory results in the context that their defense is still showing considerable strength.

With that correlation between the 2 teams, their match is expected to have a poor goal scenario.

With the above analysis, Brasileiro Serie B prediction experts believe that Oeste will encounter many difficulties, but will also know how to win 1 win just enough against Ponte Preta to get the first 3 full points.

  • Oeste: Caíque França, Matheus Rocha, Caetano, Renan Fonseca, Salomão, Lidio, Betinho, Guilherme Mantuan, Kauã Jesus, Bruno Lopes, Kalil
  • Ponte Preta: Ivan, Apodi, Wellington Carvalho, Rayan, Ernandes, Luis Oyama, Dawhan, João Paulo, Camilo, Bruno Rodrigues, Zé Roberto