Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 07/01

Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction: The series of impressive performances since the beginning of the season is giving Bragantino many advantages in the championship race this season. And in this round, just having to welcome a Ceara who is not in the really high form. It will continue to be an opportunity for the home team to find important points to strengthen their position.

Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction


  • Match date: 07:00 pm on 2021/07/01
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 8th
  • Location: Estadio Nabi Abi Chedid






In general, Bragantino’s performance in recent times is still extremely convincing. They have not received any defeat in all of their first 6 rounds. The stability in the early part of the season has kept Bragantino at the top of the table in Brazil’s Serie A. With the mid-season approaching, Bragantino needs to maintain a comfortable position for them.

Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction

Meanwhile, with Ceara, the guests are continuing to fall into a state of breathlessness during this period. Only having 2 wins in 7 rounds played, causing Ceara to lose many opportunities to have a higher rank than the 12th position they currently own. The slowdown will certainly also make it difficult for Ceara. Especially when they have to be a guest on the field of Bragantino in the near future. It will be a competition that Bragantino will still have some control over in terms of the game and the ability to be Over is quite high.

Select: Over 2.25 FT (Over 0.75 H1).


The home-field advantage and superior level make Bragantino still a higher-rated team than Ceara in this match. Obviously, the home team’s great stability will make it really difficult for the guest if they want to get a score in the upcoming match. Bragantino still shows an extremely effective play. The attack is rich in potential. While the defense is always very focused and organized is what makes the strength of this team. A big warning to Ceara especially when the guest has not played well in the past time. 

Moreover, it should be known that Bragantino has only lost 3 points at their home field this season. An extremely impressive achievement and will certainly make Ceara be afraid. Especially when the guest can only win exactly 3 out of 10 previous trips away from home. The advantage of the field along with the quality of personnel allows Bragantino to play proactively and deliberately against Ceara. It is highly likely that they will continue to get 3 points in this confrontation.

Select: Bragantino -0.5 FT.


The series of sublime rounds is giving great confidence to Bragantino. They can completely look forward to an active match against the upcoming Ceara. Most likely with the advantages and bravery, Bragantino will be the team to get all 3 points in the next match.

Select: Bragantino FT.


Bragantino has 3 wins and only got 1 loss in 5 previous encounters with Ceara. This will definitely help them have more confidence in the next rematch. Obviously, the recent slowdown of the guest will be an advantage that can not be better that Bragantino can take advantage of and win a result in their favor.

Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction: Bragantino 3-1 Ceara FT (1-0 H1).

Bragantino vs Ceara Prediction


Bragantino: J. Ceasar, Edimar, C. Haydar, Claudinho, F. Bruno, Ligger, Barreto, Morato, Alerrandro, M. Jesus, Artur.

Ceara: F. Prass, B. Pacheco, S. Xavier, F. Sobral, L. Otavio, G. Lacerda, Fabinho, Ricardinho, M. Goncalves, V. Lima, R. Sobis.

The above is information about the prediction in the 8th match between Bragantino vs Ceara of Brasileiro Serie A on 2021/07/01 of the CMD368 bookie.