Bragantino vs Bahia Prediction | Brasileiro Serie A | 06/06

Bragantino vs Bahia prediction: A match is considered an opportunity for both the home team and the away team to find important points. Thereby improving the ranking on the table. Will home advantage help Bragantino get a good game and keep all 3 points. Or will there be a surprise from the away Bahia players and a victory will follow them out in this confrontation?


  • Match date: 12:00 am on 06/06/2021
  • Event: Brasileiro Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 2nd
  • Location: Nabizao 






Bragantino currently has 3 points and is the owner of the highest position on the chart. Statistics show that Bragantino has just won a crisp victory in the first match of the season, the sublime competition. The superiority is helping the home team players gain considerable confidence in this match.

In the remaining front line, Bahia did not appear to be weak when they also got 3 points and ranked closely behind the home team. Statistics show that Bahia is also quite easy when defeating the opponent in the first match and won quite easily recently. Confidence along with sublime performance are helping the visitors’ players reduce significantly the pressure from away in the upcoming trip away from home.

It is not too difficult to understand when both teams entered this match with familiar high-speed play and proactive control of the situation on the field. Creating such a position will bring a dramatic match as well as give the players of both the home team. The away team more opportunities to find an early goal to take the lead. It is expected to be an interesting match with many goals appearing in this confrontation.

Select: Over 2.25 FT.


When the correlation of the two teams is quite a lot, Bragantino’s home advantage is giving the home team a great opportunity to decide the outcome of this match. Entering with confidence and putting a considerable amount of pressure on the away side, building an effective play. And scoring important goals from clear dangerous opportunities. These would give the Bragantino players the victory in this reception.

Select: Bragantino -0.5 FT.


Having 3 points in this match helps Bragantino officially rise to the top position on the rankings. These are only the first matches of the season and the distance between the teams created is not really safe. This victory helps improve the performance of the players to help them make a better breakthrough in the next matches. Playing sublimely and making the most of the obvious dangerous opportunities converted into goals. Believe that victory will still belong to the players and home team fans in this encounter.

Select: Bragantino FT.

Bragantino vs Bahia prediction: Bragantino 2 – 1 Bahia FT.


Bragantino: Lima, Lima, Fraga, Silva, Pereira, Barros, Assis, Santos, Morato, Luiz, Ytalo.

Bahia: Mateus, Conti, Simoes, Bahia, de Lucca, Paraiba, Rodriguinho, Otavio, Thaciano, Rossi, Anderson.

The above is information about the prediction in the 2nd round match between Bragantino vs Bahia of Brasileiro Serie A on 06/06/2021 of CMD368 bookmaker.