Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7: Mourinho helpless

After winning against hard-playing team Everton, Tottenham is heading for their second straight win when they travel to the penultimate team of Bournemouth. Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7 match of 34 rounds of Premier League tournament.  

Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7
Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7


Bournemouth: Stanislas; Rico, Kelly, Ramsdale; Ake, Smith (Stacey 63′); Brooks (Wilson 69′), Lerma, Gosling, King, Wilson.

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Tottenham Hotspur: Kane, Aurier, Vertonghen, Davies; Sissoko (Moura 75′), Winks; Alderweireld, Lo Celso (Ndombele 46′), Bergwijn (Son 46′), Lamela; Lloris.

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Tottenham entered the match with a higher appreciation from the experts as well as the other. Tottenham returned in time to the European Cup race after a hard-fought victory over Everton. Mourinho and his students in today’s match will face an opponent standing in the Bournemouth relegation group.

The 5 -2 loss to Manchester United has left the southern team one step down to the penultimate position in the English Premier League. The situation was very tough for Eddie Howe and Bournemouth

In the first half, striker Harry Kane – Steven Bergwijn could not create any chance of attention. 4 minutes into the match, Tottenham‘s Aurier made a cross on the right-wing to send the ball across the Bournemouth goal, but no Spurs striker was able to rush into the buffer of the city.

In the 5 minutes, Harry Kane was clearly pushed down by King in the penalty area but the referee did not let the visitors enjoy 11m. Outside the line, coach Mourinho was quite angry when VAR technology did not interfere in this situation.

Harry Kane is closely followed by the opponent
Harry Kane is closely followed by the opponent

Stalemate attack, goal held by Lloris also repeatedly faced attacks like weapons from Bournemouth. In the 15th minute, after the first time of losing, Bournemouth regained the game and played fair with Tottenham. Bournemouth is playing quite well, constantly threatening the visitors with attacks from the edge and pouring into the penalty area. However, in the 31st minute, both Sissoko and Lerma received a yellow card due to a violent collision which led to a scuffle on the pitch.

In 43 minutes into the game, the pace of the first half was getting hotter and hotter. Leela had the ball outside the box, he decided to hit the stretch but the result sent the ball flying over the bar. Stanislas tossed the ball into the top of the box but Lloris dropped the ball off the crossbar in the 45th minute.

Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7 in the first half has 0 – 0

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In the early minutes of the second half, coach Mourinho decided to throw Ndombele and Son Heung-min into the pitch but Tottenham still did not play better than the first half. Even Tottenham had to rely on the help of VAR to escape. 90 minutes. In 46 minutes, Callum Wilson fell inside the Tottenham penalty area but there was no penalty for Bournemouth.

The match was torn apart by collision situations
The match was torn apart by collision situations

The match was interrupted a few minutes because Bournemouth defender Adam Smith suffered a serious injury and had to leave the pitch on a stretcher. Afterward, Bournemouth sometimes held great counter attacks but the pass was a bit lacking inaccuracy. The most outstanding situation in the second half was, Rier was quite beautiful on the right for Lamela to shake his head and put the ball on the post.

In the final minutes of the match, Bournemouth counterattacked quickly and King put the ball into the Spurs net but was not recognized for offside. Wilson threw a pretty hook in the penalty area and put the ball into the net. Unfortunately, VAR determined the ball touched King’s hand so the goal was not recognized. Harry Wilson came down to face the keeper, but the last kick didn’t beat Hugo Lloris in the extra time of the match.

Bournemouth vs Tottenham result 10/7 has a final score of 0 – 0