Bolivia vs Uruguay Prediction | Copa America | 06/24

Bolivia vs Uruguay prediction: Having to meet two strong teams in the first two matches of this season, Uruguay did not have a good start. However, the opportunity is still coming to them. Because more or less in the next match, Uruguay only has to face the team that is said to be the weakest in the group, Bolivia.

Bolivia vs Uruguay Prediction


  • Match date: 09:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Copa America
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: Arena Pantanal






Having to face two very strong teams, Argentina and Chile, in the first two matches. This is clearly something that is too difficult for Uruguay. Especially when this team is really experiencing instability in the previous WC qualifying. 1 point is obtained after 2 matches and this is just the warm-up phase anyway. In the immediate future, Uruguay will have two more matches against two much weaker teams. This is their chance to show their bravery.

Bolivia vs Uruguay Prediction

Meanwhile, Bolivia continued to lose to Chile in the second match. It is clear that the limitations of both personnel and expertise. These are what make it really difficult for them to find opportunities to enter the next round of the tournament. Bolivia is proving too inferior to the rest of the tournament’s names. And they can completely be a pleasant opponent for Uruguay in the upcoming match. The match and Uruguay will certainly be the name to capture the game and the ability to play is still quite high.

Select: Over FT.


With their level, Uruguay is still the team that has the initiative against Bolivia in this match. Obviously, this is a better opportunity for them to get their first 3 points in this tournament. At the same time, overcome the pressure suffered from this somewhat unsatisfactory concentration. Bolivia is still a team that plays with fairly simple gameplay. Acceptance quality with names that don’t stand out. This makes them seem unable to smoothly execute their tactical intentions. And they quickly suffered somewhat less positive results.

An advantage for Uruguay when compared in terms of people is that they have given themselves names that shine strongly in Europe over the past time. Perhaps the problem of Uruguay right now is that they need to find a common voice among the stars in the squad. And thereby creating a powerful enough to make it difficult for any opponent. A somewhat losing Bolivia will be a good opportunity for Uruguay to overcome their pressure.

Select: Uruguay FT.


The European handicap is the dominance of Uruguay over Bolivia. There are not too many opportunities for Bolivia to surprise Uruguay in this match. When Uruguay is proving too superior. Uruguay is expected to win and get 3 duel points at this year’s Copa.

Select: Uruguay FT.


Uruguay has 3 victories and only had to taste bitter fruit once against Bolivia in the last 5 encounters between the two teams. It can be seen that all factors in favor are on the side of Suarez and his teammates at the moment. They will need to know how to overcome their pressure. Bolivia has certain limitations and making good use of what they have can completely bring Uruguay back to the current group A race track.

Bolivia vs Uruguay prediction: Bolivia 0-3 Uruguay FT (0-2 H1).

Bolivia vs Uruguay Prediction


Bolivia: Jusino, Lampe, Haquin, M.Bejarano, D.Bejarano, Justiniano, Saucedo,Chumacero, Castro, Saavedra, Moreno.

Uruguay: Muslera, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres, Vina, Torreira, Bentancur, Giovanni Gonzalez, Luis Suarez, De La Cruz, Cavani.

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