Bolivia vs Argentina Prediction | Copa America | 06/29

Bolivia vs Argentina prediction: Early getting a ticket to go ahead 1 round helped Argentina have a bit of a break in the bottom of Group A. Things may have become easier for this team when they only had to meet Bolivia, which had run out of goals. Because this team has no chance to enter the next round. Argentina is expected to have a convincing performance in the last match.

Bolivia vs Argentina Prediction


  • Match date: 00:00 am on 2021/06/29
  • Event: Copa America
  • Stage: Matchday 5th
  • Location: Arena Pantanal






Argentina soon proved their ambition in the group stage of this year’s tournament. They got 2 wins, 1 draw after 3 matches. And quickly took the top spot. A performance that has more or less brought real hope to their fans. This is the time when Argentina has the right to dream of the championship trophy after many years of waiting.

Bolivia vs Argentina Prediction

On the other side of the field, Bolivia has only lost in all 3 previous matches. This partly reflects the limited strength of this team. A somewhat lousy rally for Bolivia. While having 2 matches in the World Cup Qualification is not bad, but losing themselves made Bolivia quickly eliminated in this year’s Copa. Having to face Argentina this time will be too big a challenge in Bolivia’s goal of winning points in this tournament. A match where Argentina has absolute dominance and the possibility of many goals is quite high.

Select: Over 2.75 FT (Over 1.25 H1).


With the level of Argentina, it is not surprising that they are still the name that receives complete trust from the house. In general, this is a somewhat reasonable basis when they are gradually entering their spin at this gathering. When in the World Cup Qualification they experienced certain problems. They played with great synchronicity. The attack with the leadership of Messi has shown a very scary mutation. Perhaps Argentina is gradually gaining faith in a generation that can conquer their next target.

A problem that is said to be extremely difficult for Bolivia. When their resources are limited. Along with that are the pillars that have lost themselves when entering this tournament. This makes them very easy to catch and soon have to say goodbye to this season. Obviously, a match that in theory doesn’t make much sense. But surely Argentina, even without Messi in the final match, will still be determined to win convincingly. Thereby further enhancing the confidence of the fans.

Select: Argentina FT.


The European handicap is also the overwhelming of Argentina. There are not many opportunities for Bolivia to create a surprise against Argentina in this match. When Albiceleste is still proving to be too dominant. Argentina is expected to continue to win and strengthen their belief.

Select: Argentina FT.


Bolivia in general has not been a big problem for Argentina in the past few years. The blue and white striped team has 5 wins in 6 encounters with their opponent before. It is clear that Bolivia is proving to be too weak in terms of both mental and human resources. It can hardly do anything against the top team in Group A. And Argentina will definitely still aim for 3 points in the final match of their group stage.

Bolivia vs Argentina prediction: Bolivia 0-3 Argentina FT (0-2 H1).

Bolivia vs Argentina Prediction


Argentina: Martinez, Otamendi, Tagliafico, Montiel, Romero, De Paul, Di Maria, Lautaro, Paredes, Lo Celso, Gonzalez.

Bolivia: Lampe, Jusino, D.Bejarano, M.Bejarano, Haquin, Chumacero, Saavedra, Castro, Justiniano, Saucedo, Moreno.

The above is information about the prediction in the 5th match between Bolivia vs Argentina of Copa America on 2021/06/29 of CMD368 bookie.