Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction | Eliteserien | 07/03

Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction: The recent victory against Stabaek has helped Bodo Glimt continue to maintain strong competition in the top area of ​​the rankings. In the next round, they will welcome Viking, the team is playing not bad at home. This will be a challenge but also a time for the defending champion to show their desire to win.

Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction


  • Match date: 01:00 pm on 2021/07/03
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Aspmyra Stadion






The 3 points obtained against Stabaek in the last match marked the 3rd victory in the last 5 matches of Bodo Glimt. Obviously, their comeback is extremely strong after the defeat of great rival Molde. This makes it easy for the yellow shirt team to continue to show their position. They currently have 11 points after 11 matches played and are at the top of the table at the moment. This is the time that Bodo Glimt will need to continue to maintain stability in the near future.

Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction

Meanwhile, the visiting team Viking has not performed badly recently with 4 victories in 6 rounds. This helps them rise to 5th place on the table with 15 points. The opportunity for Viking to break out is very open. However, playing at home Bodo Glimt is sublimating in the upcoming match will still be a formidable challenge. This will be a competition with a match that Bodo Glimt is somewhat dominant.

Select: Over FT.


The home-field advantage will help Bodo Glimt remain the more appreciated team in this match. The fact also shows that this is also not an easy match for Viking. When the home team is showing too much sublimation recently. Bodo Glimt has had a way that has achieved an extremely elegant and effective state. Along with that is the high performance of the pillars in the squad. That brings positive results for the current defending champion. A weighty warning to Vikings, even if they’ve had big breakouts lately.

Statistics show that Bodo Glimt’s ability to take advantage of the home field in this year’s tournament is very impressive. They have won 4 matches in 5 home matches since the beginning of the season. The number is enough to make Vikings shy. Especially when they only have 3/10 wins in the away match. The advantage of the yard, personnel, and determination will help Bodo Glimt compete somewhat in comparison to Viking.

Select: Bodo Glimt FT.


The European handicap is also the dominance of Bodo Glimt against Viking in this matchup. There are not many opportunities for Viking to make a surprise against Bodo Glimt in this match. When the defending champion is still proving too dominant. Bodo Glimt is expected to continue to win and maintain their top position.

Select: Bodo Glimt FT.


Bodo Glimt has 4 victories in 6 previous encounters with Viking. So the home team will still have the basis to be confident in this rematch. Obviously, Viking is not an opponent that can be easily bullied at the moment. But showing bravery and class along with making good use of the opportunity will help Bodo Glimt get what they need.

Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction: Bodo Glimt 3-1 Viking FT (2-1 H1).

Bodo Glimt vs Viking Prediction


Bodo Glimt: J. Smits, S. Brunstad Fet, J. Petter Hauge, P. Berg, A. Bjorkan, K. Junker, M. Lode, U. Saltnes, A. Sampsted, B. Mathias Moe, P. Zinckernagel.

Viking: Austbø, Vikstøl, Salte, Bjørshol, Vevatne, Danielsen, Furdal, Høiland, Torsteinbø, Lokberg, Tripić.

The above is information about the prediction in the 11th match between Bodo Glimt vs Viking of Eliteserien on 2021/07/03 of the CMD368 bookie.