Bodo Glimt vs Molde Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/24

Bodo Glimt vs Molde prediction: The dramatic draw right on the field of strong opponent Valerenga in the last round continued to help Bodo Glimt show their strength this season. And in the next round, having to host a direct opponent Molde will not be an easy challenge. But it will be an opportunity for Bodo Glimt to show their desire to win.

Bodo Glimt vs Molde Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/24
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 9th
  • Location: Aspmyra Stadion






1 point obtained against Valerenga continues to help Bodo Glimt maintain their No. 1 position with 20 points after 9 matches. They have only received 1 defeat since the beginning of the season. Having an extremely stable first phase is helping the top team partly show their position. Now when everything is still very smooth, Bodo Glimt will need to continue to maintain the sublimation in the next matches.

Bodo Glimt vs Molde Prediction

Meanwhile, with Molde, the away team is no less competitive with the 6 wins they own at the moment. They are also firmly consolidating their 2nd position with 20 points after 9 rounds. And they are only inferior to the opponent in the next match in the sub-index. Molde will still be a nasty and charming opponent for Bodo Glimt in this midweek game. It will be a competition, both teams will be determined to play fair with each other on every inch of land. The possibility of a result with explosive goals is still very large.

Select: Over FT.


With the home-field advantage, Bodo Glimt is still the team that is slightly better than Molde in this match. In general, the home team will still need to focus on the next clash when they are still unable to take their no.1 position. The guest is not an easy opponent. Molde has always been a relatively disciplined team and knows how to create discomfort for their opponents. A real threat to Bodo Glimt if they can’t keep their focus during the match. 

In addition, it should be known that Molde has only received 2 defeats in 11 trips away from home in the past time. The numbers are not bad. It will make Bodo Glimt really cautious even if Bodo Glimt was unable to lose a single match in the previous match played at their home. This is the time when Bodo Glimt needs to prove their class and bravery. Human advantage and morale are always at their best. Believe that a victory for Bodo Glimt against Molde even though it will not be overwhelming.

Select: Bodo Glimt FT.


The series of sublime rounds is bringing a great deal of confidence to Bodo Glimt. They can completely look forward to an active match against Molde coming, although it will not be easy. Most likely with the advantages and bravery, Bodo Glimt will be the team to get all 3 points in the next match.

Select: Bodo Glimt FT.


Bodo Glimt has 4 wins and only suffered 3 defeats against Molde in all 9 previous encounters. So the top team will still have great confidence in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. Making good use of the opportunity and showing the right bravery against Molde will help Bodo Glimt continue to get 3 important points even though it will not come easily.

Bodo Glimt vs Molde prediction: Bodo Glimt 3-2 Molde FT (1-1 H1).

Bodo Glimt vs Molde Prediction


Bodo/Glimt: Haikin, Sampsted, Bjorkan, Fet, Kvile, Hoibraaten, Berg, Botheim, Saltnes, Sorli, Solbakken.

Molde: Petersen, Pedersen, Haugen, Aursnes, Bjornbak, Sinyan, Hussain, Hestad, Brynhildsen, Ulland-Andersen, Omoijuanfo.

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