Bodo Glimt vs Mjondalen Prediction | Eliteserien | 06/13

Bodo Glimt vs Mjondalen prediction: The away team won after a series of struggling days at the beginning of the season. Which is considered a valuable medicine for the team to improve morale in recent times. Will they continue to do well in this trip to bring back all 3 points against a strong opponent of this tournament?


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 2021/06/13
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Aspmyra Stadion






Bodo Glimt is currently ranked 2nd with 13 points obtained after 6 rounds. 1 win from the top and played less than 1 match. This is not only a great opportunity for them to rise but also a great opportunity for them to monopolize this position for a long time. When their next match opponents are very light. Currently, Bodo Glimt has 11 goals, and their defense is extremely excellent with only 4 goals conceded. So, that is a solid premise for them in the upcoming match.

In the remaining route, Mjondalen also proved to be no less competitive with their opponent. Rigorous and pragmatic play has been the identity of success this season. After 6 games, scoring 9 goals is a good sign after a long time of improving the game as well as people. They are only conceding 6 times a number that is not too big compared to the rest of the tournament. The attack played very well. While the defense was extremely excellent in the ability to organize the defense to help them stand in 7th place with 9 points.

Statistics show that the meetings of the two teams have 19 goals in the last 5 matches. The performance of nearly 4 goals/game is an extremely impressive number. On the other hand, both are possessing extremely good offensive goods in recent times. This shows that the two teams have a very open play when facing each other.

Select: Over 3 FT.


This is a rather tense match for both teams, having a close score makes the pressure relatively great especially. When Mjondalen has a very young team of players. And they can hardly keep their composure when playing away from home. Losing only 1 in the last 10 matches shows that Bodo Glimt is fully capable as well as in good shape to get all 3 points in this matchup.

Select: Bodo Glimt 1.25 FT.


In the confrontation history, Bodo Glimt proved to be superior with 4 wins and 1 draw and did not lose any matches in the last 5 meetings. Every time they play at home, they always do well and get all 3 points. Experts say that with the current form, they believe that Bodo Glimt will have a good match and win in this confrontation. Choosing Bodo Glimt for European rafters is a reasonable and right choice and worth the investment.

Select: Bodo Glimt FT.


The two entered the match with quite high determination. This is an opportunity for them to rise and conquer the top of the chart. The home team is in pretty good form with what they did in the previous match that promises to be an explosive battle. Bodo Glimt is having the home field advantage and unbeaten streak here and believes they will have fun in the end.

Bodo Glimt vs Mjondalen prediction: Bodo Glimt 3 – 1 Mjondalen FT (2-1 H1).


Bodo Glimt: J. Smits, P. Berg, J. Petter Hauge, K. Junker, A. Bjorkan, S. Brunstad Fet, M. Lode, B. Mathias Moe, A. Sampsted, U. Saltnes, P. Zinckernagel.

Mjondalen: Lund, Solberg, Jansen, Hansen, Latifu, Johansen, Brochmann, Aasmundsen, Bergstrom, Dragsnes, Liseth.

The above is information about the prediction in the 7th match between Bodo Glimt vs Mjondalen of Eliteserien on 2021/06/13 of CMD368 bookie.