Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG Prediction | Copa Libertadores | 07/13

Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG Prediction: Going through the last matches of the final stage of the group stage made Boca Juniors really difficult. They will have to face the Brazilian representative Atletico Mineiro in this 1/8 round. Boca Juniors will have to play the first leg at home. This may be an opportunity for their opponents to create a bit of an advantage before the second leg.

Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG Prediction


  • Match date: 11:15 pm on 2021/07/13
  • Event: Copa Libertadores
  • Stage: ⅛ finals
  • Location: Alberto Jose Armando





Boca Juniors’ performance in recent matches has not shown stability. They played quite sporadically in the Argentine Super Cup when they were eliminated in the semi-finals against Racing Club. At the same time, the negative results in the final matches of the Copa Libertadores group stage made them only 2nd place overall. And they are falling for a tough opponent. Surely Boca Juniors will have to be highly focused if they don’t want to lose at home.

Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG Prediction

While with Atletico Mineiro, despite having gone through the first phase of Brasileiro Serie A, it was a bit difficult. The recent victories have helped them get a breakthrough with 3rd place on the domestic league table. Atletico Mineiro also soon proved their strength in the previous Copa Libertadores group stage. Surely they will be a worthy opponent to Boca Juniors in this match. A match is said to be dramatic. When the two have no humility for each other. However, the possibility of many goals appearing is unlikely.

Select: Under 2.25 FT. 


The home advantage is helping Boca Juniors be slightly better than Atletico Mineiro in this match. However, this is definitely not a competition that Boca Juniors can take lightly. When Atletico Mineiro also proved its ambition. They are now playing very well. Atletico Mineiro’s performance and gameplay are gradually becoming smooth. This helps them quickly get a strong breakout.

The explosion in personnel more or less also helps Atletico Mineiro play solidly. Especially when they are playing away in the first leg. When Boca Juniors will be forced to compete to find an advantage, it is also the time when Atletico Mineiro arranges a stalking game waiting for the opponent’s opening.

The problem in the home team’s play was inherently exposed before. Especially when Boca Juniors went a month without a game. Surely the feeling of the ball will be something that the home team needs to improve. Boca Juniors’ home record is very good, receiving only 1 defeat in the last 12 matches. But there will be no guarantee that they can play proactively against Atletico Mineiro if they do not focus on the team.

Select: Atletico Mineiro +0.25 FT.


The European handicap is a small advantage of the Boca Juniors team compared to Atletico Mineiro. This will be a match with a relatively tight match and the two teams will play fairly against each other. Thereby you will find results that are beneficial to each other. The possibility of inconclusive match between the two sides cannot be excluded.

Select: Draw FT.

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Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG Prediction


Boca Juniors: Andrada, Izquierdoz, Mas, Weigandt, Lopez, Marcone, MacAllister, Eduardo Salvio, De Rossi, Tevez, Abila.

Atletico Mineiro: Victor Bagy, Fabiano, Fabio Romeu, Carlos Neves, Iago Martins, Jair Junior, Adilson Warken, Trindade, Anton Neto, Welison, Yimmi Chara.

The above is information about the prediction in the 1/8 match between Boca Juniors vs Atletico MG of Copa Libertadores on 2021/07/13 of the CMD368 bookie.