Blackburn And The 1994/95 Historic Championship

When Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour were unknown, a millionaire named Jack Walker appeared to upset the English football order. In a short time, Blackburn from a team about to drop to third place has become a Premier League champion.

Blackburn And The 1994/95 Historic Championship

Blackburn and the 1994/95 historic championship: ‘The Walker Revolution gives a glorious moment’

In 1993, Blackburn Rovers did not even meet the standards of the Premier League organizer. They don’t have a training ground and in the mornings, players change into the stadium then drive to train in the town park. At that time, Henning Berg, the newly bought defender, accustomed to the poor facilities in his native Norway, was still shocked at the lack of sufficient supplies of Blackburn.

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It is important to understand that this is the first time Blackburn played in the Premier League. Just two years earlier, they were playing in the Second Division and almost dropped to third place. Fortunately, Jack Walker appeared and single-handedly changed everything.

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Unlike Roman Abramovich and Sheikh Mansour, later Premier League bosses who regarded the club as jewelry or simply an investment, Jack Walker came to Blackburn with true love. Born in Blackburn, he was always frustrated because his home team could not reach the stature it could.

So throughout his youth, Jack Walker ventured into making money. Becoming a steel tycoon, he sold British Steel to collect a whopping £ 360 million and then invested in Blackburn. Taking over the team in 1991, Walker’s goal was to make Blackburn the biggest force in the fog and to make all see MU is just “cheap team” as he once stated.

Walker’s first step was to lift Blackburn into the Premier League. When it was successful, he spent 20 million pounds to renovate and upgrade the Ewood Park yard. In parallel with the improvement of facilities, this steel millionaire does not spare money to upgrade the squad, turning the exhausting team in the Second Class into a powerful team in the Premier League.

With all his love, Mr. Walker did not spare any money for Blackburn to win the 1994/95 Premier League championship
With all his love, Mr. Walker did not spare any money for Blackburn to win the 1994/95 Premier League championship

The most amazing thing is that Jack Walker convinced Kenny Dalglish, who announced his retirement after leaving Liverpool, to return to the training bench. The Scottish coach is free to buy any player he likes to serve his philosophy.

In the first 3 years of management of Blackburn, Jack Walker spent 25 million pounds. In 1992, Alan Shearer was brought in with a record price at that time was 3.6 million pounds. In 1994, Walker set a new record when he spent £ 5 million to own Chris Sutton, creating a pair of strikers terrorizing every foggy frontier.

Money also helped Blackburn to have excellent talents, such as Berg, Colin Hendry, Graeme Le Saux with Jason Wilcox, Tim Sherwood and Stuart Ripley. With talent and experience, Dalglish soon organized it all into a team of players who play stormy, direct and organized football.

Jack Walker always followed those teams. He often comes and talks to the players before every match like a “grandfather”. Occasionally inspired, Walker is ready to invite the team to his home party in Jersey. Besides Walker, Shearer and his teammates had a strong belief that they would become champions.

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After the 4th position in the Premier League season 1992/03, 2nd season 1993/94, Blackburn crowned the 1994/95 season with 89 points, 1 more than MU, and created the most romantic story in football history. Brother. Regrettably, after these glorious moments, it was a downfall. Lack of a long-term strategy while spending more revenue makes Blackburn gradually lag behind MU, Arsenal and other teams.

But now looking back, Blackburn fans still have the utmost respect for Jack Walker, who died in 2000. And the 1994/95 fairy season will never be forgotten.

Jack Walker refused to buy Zidane because he had Sherwood

Blackburn should have owned Zinedine Zidane in 1995. Blackburn boss Jack Walker was suggested to buy Zidane, who was planning to leave Bordeaux. But Walker flatly refused with the famous saying: “Why buy Zidane when I have Tim Sherwood (pictured)?” Walker believed in Sherwood, the English midfielder wearing the captain’s armband at Blackburn, it was absolute. Because a year later, when he had the opportunity to buy Zidane again, Walker continued to say no.

Jack Walker, the dream seller

According to former striker Shearer, he had many options when he left Southampton in the summer of 1992. But in a conversation with Jack Walker, he was completely convinced. “He sold me the dream of the Premier League trophy. And to become the champion, I went to Blackburn,” Shearer said, “Then everything came true, an unbelievable feat.”

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