Sameh Sidhom joined Sanchez and Bury’s Team Predator

According to the latest official announcement posted on their homepage, Africa’s No. 1 billiards player, Sameh Sidhom (Egypt) has officially joined the Predator team.

Sameh Sidhom (born in 1987) is an Egyptian billiards player, he is considered the best Carom 3 player in Africa. The best achievement of his career is the 3rd place in the World Championship 2019 recently held in Randers, Denmark.

Sameh Sidhom officially joined Team Predator – Source: Kozoom

It was the champion of the tournament, Torbjorn Blomdahl, who defeated Sidhom in the semi-final, then won the championship after overcoming Nguyen Duc Anh Chien (Vietnam) in the final. Sidhom was the first one in Egypt to win a title at the 3-band Billiards Carom World Championship since 1936.

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Previously, Sidhom was known for using the engine of Molinari, a subsidiary of Predator. But after that, Predator no longer owns Molinani. In 2019, they founded Predator Carom, while focusing on researching and developing muscle for Carom, using the same carbon fiber as what they did very well with the Pool muscle line.

Bury was the first to use the Predator’s Carom engine – Source: @JP

In mid-August 2019, Jeremy Bury was the leading UMB player to join Team Predator. Daniel Sanchez, who has just won three championships in early 2020, has joined Predator. As announced by Predator, Sidhom is officially the third billiards player of the top UMB players to sign with Predator.

Sanchez won the Worldcup Antalya 2020 with the Predator engine – Source: Kozoom

The Predator billiards engine model used by Jeremy Bury, Daniel Sanchez and Sameh Sidhom is the Revo CRM engine, made of Carbon fiber researched and developed by Predator itself. Both Bury and Sanchez are impressed by what Predator has done and they are completely satisfied with this Revo CRM template.

About Sameh Sidhom

Sameh Kamel Sidhom (born on 15th March 1987 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian who listened to the UMB World Championship 2019 tape and bronze medal and the World Youth Championship in 2005. 

Sidhom is one of the most successful Egyptian billiards players in Egypt since Edmond Soussa, even before he shared his success. Sidhom started his international career, at the time still belonging to the European Association of CEB, in 2003 with his participation in the three-band world championship, of which he only took 11th place. 

The following year, he won a bronze medal at the next World Cup, still held every two years. Since 2010, he has represented his country at the three-band world championship for national teams along with Ihab El Messerey. In 2012, he came to Porto for the first time among the 12 best people at the Three-Band World Championship. 

He has participated in the World Cup regularly since 2005 and regularly among the “16 best people” since 2015. In 2014 and 2015, he achieved a seventh place at the Verhoeven Open (out of 96! ). His biggest success so far is at the 2017 World Games, where he defeated the Dutch, many world champion, Dick Jaspers, in the game for third place with 40:26 in Warsaw. 

In the tri-band 2015 World Cup in Bordeaux, he improved the maximum serial world record at the world championship, then with 18 held by Pedro Piedrabuena from the United States to a point above 19.

At the 2019 World Cup in Randers, Denmark, he won the bronze medal for the first time in 83 years for Egypt. The last medal winner before him was the two-time world champion Edmond Soussa in New York in 1936, also in bronze.

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