Bernabeu stadium has an important role in preventing the epidemic

The Royal team has a practical move to join hands in the prevention of epidemic in Spain. It is turning the Bernabeu stadium into a center for medical supplies.

A new  therapy center is established

To combat the coronary pneumonia epidemic in Spain, Real Madrid decided to turn the Santiago Bernabeu sanctuary into a center of storage of medical supplies and documents.

According to the Bleacher Report, Real Madrid allows the Spanish government to use the Santiago Bernabeu home stadium as a center for medical supplies to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain.

“All supplies of medical supplies stored at the Bernabeu will be transferred to health agencies in Spain. All are under government control so equipment and supplies that are so essential in at this time, used in the best and most effective way, “quoted the notice of Real.

Inside the Bernabeu stadium.
Inside the Bernabeu stadium.

Football is pausing because of the epidemic in Spain, so the Madrid’s magnificent Santiago Bernabeu is completely free, so the Royal team decided to turn the field into a field for field health care services. in the battle against the pandemic of coronary pneumonia.

Real Madrid announced an agreement with the High-level Sports Council to use the Bernabeu as a warehouse to store large amounts of medical supplies. With the large area of ​​the soccer field, doctors and nurses will easily gather and use.

Real Madrid, in collaboration with the High-level Sports Council, is implementing a project in Madrid to supply and distribute medical supplies,” the team announced. “Thanks to the close cooperation between the two sides, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium has become a suitable place to store medical supplies against this pandemic.”

The plan is more detailed that all medical supplies and materials will be transferred to Spanish health service centers, under the administration of the local government. Storing important documents will increase the efficiency of the supply of resources and supplies across the region.

The Bernabeu stadium was turned into such a center by Real Madrid. In addition, the Royal team also donated both financially and materially to the Spanish Government in the fight against Covid-19. The Southern European country has now recorded nearly 60,000 cases of corona virus positive and nearly 4,500 deaths and is still on the rise.

La Liga clubs consider reducing player salaries to deal with current diffulties

Currently, La Liga clubs consider reducing player salaries while the tournament is postponed indefinitely. Negotiations between the La Liga leaders and leaders are ongoing, but need more time for the parties to find a common voice.

An overall view from the new medical center
An overall view from the new medical center

The team that is at the forefront of negotiating a pay cut issue with the players is Barca. However, many “Los Blaugrana” players were dissatisfied with the pay cut given by the board, which led to the negotiations failing. Barca will continue to talk and hope the situation is resolved soon.

At this time, Spain had a bad situation. According to CNN, as of March 26 (local time), the country’s Ministry of Health recorded 56,188 infections and more than 4,000 deaths.

Hopefully, with the new Bernabeu medical center at Santiago Bernabeu stadium, epidemic in Spain will get back to normal situation.
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