Benzema mocked at Giroud

By implying on racing, striker Karim Benzema did not hesitate to mock his former teammate Olivier Giroud.

‘Don’t compare F1 to mini racing cars’

The Real Madrid striker has just made sarcastic remarks from compatriot Olivier Giroud – who has occupied his place in France.

“Don’t compare F1 to kart racing. I know I’m F1,” Benzema asserts when comparing himself to Giroud, in an online chat on Instagram with player Ronaldo Nazario. Karts are cars with a simple design, far ahead of F1 and playing on short tracks.

Benzema no longer has a chance to play for the team.
Benzema no longer has a chance to play for the team.

Benzema and Giroud were teammates in France, where Benzema scored 27 goals in 81 appearances. However, before Euro 2016, the Real Madrid striker was no longer called. He was attacked by public opinion after allegedly blackmailing another teammate, Mathieu Valbuena.

Olivier Giroud was the leader of the French national attack in the 2018 World Cup campaign, but Karim Benzema believes that he is the better striker than his compatriots.

Due to the clutter outside the pitch with teammate Mathieu Valbuena, the Real Madrid star has been stripped from the national team since 2015. The 27-goal record after 81 matches of Benzema has also stopped from there.

Becoming the number one striker for France to replace Benzema, the Chelsea player had 39 goals in 93 appearances – second only to the legendary Thierry Henry and Michel Platini.

However, Giroud has not had many chances to play at the club level this season. Benzema, meanwhile, has an extremely high goalscoring record in Spain’s Royal Spanish shirt.

After Benzema lost the chance to recruit

As a result, Giroud became a central striker. The Chelsea striker has scored 39 goals in 93 matches, being the third most prolific player after Thierry Henry and Michel Platini. With the team, Giroud also left a mark with his achievements in the Euro 2016 final and won the 2018 World Cup.

Benzema commented: “Giroud doesn’t do great things, but he has the right style of play. That’s the only reason he succeeds with the team. Other than that, does anyone like the way he plays? ? “.

Benzema's 27 goals in 81 matches have also stopped from 2015
Benzema’s 27 goals in 81 matches have also stopped from 2015

After being ignored by France for four years, losing the chance to win two major titles, Benzema once wrote to the President of the French Football Federation, with the message: “If you think I run out of opportunities to play for France, please let me play for another team that I qualify for “.

He is originally from Algeria. If not involved in the history with France, the 32-year-old striker could have played for the African team.

At the club level, he is now a legend of Real Madrid. He scored 241 goals in 501 matches, won two La Liga and four Champions League with the Spanish club. This season, Benzema also has 19 goals.

While Benzema shone at the club level, Giroud had a sinking career. Due to constant reserves at Chelsea, the 33-year-old striker has scored three goals in 13 matches this season.
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