Benjamin Pavard: ‘I Am Winning, Or I Am Learning’

Benjamin Pavard just gave an interview on the Bayern homepage. He was surprised to learn that he was the team’s third most prolific player this season after Kimmich and Neuer.

He also recounted the way to football from the age of 5, revealing the quote of Nelson Mandela that he printed in his shin pads. And most importantly, Pavard advised everyone to “stay home” to join hands to combat the global pandemic.

Benjamin Pavard’s interview

FCBAYERN.COM: Hi Benjamin, the most important question these days: how are you?

Benjamin Pavard: My situation is quite complicated. I live alone in Munich. My parents were supposed to visit me at the end of March, after the match against Frankfurt and my birthday (March 28). But fortunately, we can now video each other every day. My parents are okay. I don’t have siblings, so being separated in this situation isn’t ideal at all.

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Has this crisis changed your perspective on the world?

– I think people are becoming more cautious. We also often talk about these thoughts and feelings when practicing through video with the whole team. The most important thing in life, of course, is health. And as a player, I miss the pitch. That motivates us all. I miss the daily practice, the stadium and especially the fans.

To overcome this challenge, what should people do?

– We should comply with all rules that the government has issued based on recommendations from a health and epidemiological agencies. Whoever is, please stay there. I believe we will soon get out of the pandemic.

Benjamin Pavard: 'I Am Winning, Or I Am Learning'
Pavard himself was surprised with the information that he is the third most-played player of Bayern this season

During the isolation period, what do you do to adapt?

– We have specific plans. After breakfast, the entire team practiced together via video at 11 am for about an hour and a half. I have a private gym at home and a swimming pool so I can do more exercises by myself. Then play ball in the garden. Having reliable instructions from a fitness professional makes us feel well cared for, everything becomes easier. At times like this, being in Bayern is the best. I want to thank the medical staff and the fitness professional. They are extremely important.

In Bayern this season he only played less than Manuel Neuer and Joshua Kimmich. Did you expect that?

– If anyone said this in Summer 2019, I probably wouldn’t believe it. However, I have prepared everything for Bayern and from the start I felt I could develop well here. I always aim to improve myself. No matter how the game ended, I wondered: what did I do wrong? Can I do it better next time? That was the motivation for me to try harder.

How did you grow up? How does football come to your life?

– I started playing football for a club on the outskirts of Lille when I was 4-5 years old. My father is our coach. He was very strict and always made us run non-stop. He always told me anything I could do better. I used to have an attitude toward him and I didn’t like him being that strict. It is best not to say anything to him for 2 hours after each failure. He always pointed out my shortcomings.

On your footpads at the 2018 World Cup is a quote from Nelson Mandela. What does this sentence mean to you?

– That saying is “I never lose. I am winning or I am learning. ” It is my motivation. I always told myself to learn from my failures.

Thank you and wish you soon return to the pitch.

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Dressed Bayern shirt because of the environment is similar to France

The French right-back emphasized that he chose Bayern because the environment was almost the same as at Les Bleus and that was his dream. “To me, Bayern is the best team in the world with top stars. We will definitely win the Champions League soon. Playing for Bayern is my dream, ”concluded Benjamin Pavard.

2070 – This season, Benjamin Pavard has played 23 matches (all full matches) in the German league, equivalent to 2070 minutes. He only played less than goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (25 games, 2250 minutes) and Joshua Kimmich (24 games, 2097 minutes).

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