Beat Man United 2 – 0, Liverpool went a long way to the throne

Liverpool defeated Man United with the latest football result of 2-0 in a match known as the “English derby” in the framework of the 23rd Premier League 2019-2020. The football event taking place on January 20. The victory helped Klopp’s teachers and teachers take a long step on the journey to conquer the championship.

MU has shown why they are the only team not to lose to Liverpool in this season before this game takes place. Despite playing in the “pan on fire” Anfield, but the Red Devils enter very well and create the way to the quality ball, but in the final passing phase they could not succeed.

football event
football event

In the first half

Liverpool, meanwhile, has proved why they are unbeaten in this football event and monopolize the top of the table alone. Quickly regaining the game, the home team organized the defensive ball moves and soon got a goal in the 14th minute. From the corner kick of Alexander-Arnold, midfielder Van Dijk removed a lot of defenders on the visitors’ side to jump high and beat goalkeeper De Gea.

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In the 25th minute, in a ball dispute between Van Dijk and De Gea, the ball reached Firmino’s foot and the Brazilian striker after controlling the technical ball and scored the goal. However, after the fierce reaction of the visitors, the referee had to resort to VAR technology and the goal was not recognized when the referee confirmed Van Dijk had fouled De Gea. However, the Spaniard was shown a yellow card after overreacting to his referee.

It was not until the 40th minute that the MU players could hit the first shot from the beginning of their match towards the goalkeeper Alisson. Martial’s quick shot at the edge of the penalty area just missed the post.

Just after Martial’s shot was exactly 1 minute, the MU players missed a chance when Andreas Perreira could not touch the ball after a very fast cross-road from Wan-Bissaka. That’s the end of the first half of this football event.

The second half

football event
football event

After the ball that made Liverpool’s audience “heart-pounding”, the Red Brigade showed its danger with a very sharp counterattack and had to use De Gea’s brilliant save to stop the shot. New Mane’s score cannot be added to the sheet again. The foot of the Spaniard gave the right time to save.

Entering the second half of this football event, Liverpool accelerated the match speed that made MU players surprised and continuously fell into a difficult position. Salah, Mane and Henderson consecutively rock De Gea’s goal.

But then the kick in the empty posture of the Egyptian rolled off the post, the ball of Mane’s finish went off the post, then Henderson’s long shot from the second line hit the post again.

A suffocating pressure that the Liverpool players create for MU.

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Meanwhile, MU had to put all efforts to find the equalizer. There were chances created but just like in the first half, the Reds could not take advantage of the opportunity.

Liverpool’s answer came at the end of the game when they switched from defense to counterattack very quickly. Goalkeeper Alisson had a great fast kick down for Salah, kicked the shot “finish” the Red Devils when he hit the De Gea net, setting the score 2 – 0. And the game ended with Liverpool winning with the latest football result of 2-0 and they prove that they can win MU in this football event.


football event
football event

Defeating MU, Liverpool has defeated all 19 teams in this season of the football event, thereby extending the unbeaten sequence to 34 games in the No. 1 league of the Misty Land to advance to the finish line.

The 13th consecutive victory in the Premier League with the chasing teams behind Chelsea, Man City and Leicester City losing points in this round, Klopp’s team has come closer to the championship.

Lineups of 2 teams:

Liverpool: Alexander-Arnold, Alisson, Gomez, Van Dijk, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robertson, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Mane, Salah, and Firmino.

MU: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Williams, Matic, Fred, Andreas, James, and Martial.