‘Battle Pass’ released with the ‘Female Anti-Mage’ item helped TI10

The attraction of the Battle Pass of TI10 is still too great given the situation that many major esports tournaments around the world have been affected by the disease

Battle Pass was born hoping to rescue

With the complicated developments of the COVID -19 pandemic in Europe, the fact that the major tournaments are delayed is extremely understandable. However, the information on The International 2020 or TI10 delayed maybe until next year, which made many people shocked. This event is not just a regular tournament, accompanied by TI10 is the Battle Pass has been launched and gives gamers the motivation to plow DOTA2 back.

TI10 Battle Pass has been officially released
TI10 Battle Pass has been officially released

The TI10 – One of the world’s largest prize pool esports tournaments has also been postponed, causing many LoL gamers to worry that Worlds 2020 is likely to fall into the same situation. Normally, the annual TI10 tournaments will be held in August, while the World Championship in October. But at this point, we are still unable to grasp the possibility that the epidemic will be controlled during the period. later this year or not.

In that case, it is very likely that Worlds 2020 will have to be delayed, or even canceled, similar to TI10, MSI 2020, or any other Major tournaments of CS: GO and other DOTA 2.

So when TI10 was announced to postpone, many gamers thought that there would be no more Battle Pass and gradually DOTA2 would die. However, making money and “sucking blood” is hardly anyone compared to Valve and in this morning, Battle Pass TI10 has officially launched and rocked the whole world of DOTA2. And after only about seven hours of the Battle Pass launch, TI10’s prize has reached more than $4 million, although growth is slower than last year but also understandable because the prize was delayed.

Time for TI10 to reach the $ 4 million prize milestone is one hour later than TI9
Time for TI10 to reach the $ 4 million prize milestone is one hour later than TI9

TI10 Anti-Mage’s Battle Pass with Persona item will be “transgender” into a female

In the introductory videos, preview for the Battle Pass of TI10, the two items that received the most attention were the Wraith King coming back to the original appearance: Skeleton King and the female Anti-Mage hero. For the Wraith King, this is the Arcana item of this general and it makes many DOTA2 gamers from the beginning day to the nostalgia to this champion image before remaking the image.

As for the Anti-Mage, we only have the splash art of this female version, most likely it will be a special item that makes AM a character with a completely different personality. Besides, other items are also worth looking forward to such as Arcana for 2 female generals Queen of Pain and Windranger or Persona “Butcher toys” of General Pudge.

The ultimate items of the Battle Pass TI10
The ultimate items of the Battle Pass TI10

With TI10’s Battle Pass officially launched, hopefully the biggest tournament of the world DOTA2 will be back soon, maybe not August every year but delaying a few months with gamers doesn’t matter. Although DOTA2 is not the most played game, The International is always at the top of the most-watched esports events in the world.

However, besides the desire to return to the tournament, the majority of Chinese League of Legends players also believe that all the community should be mentally prepared for this year’s World Championships that can be postponed or even canceled. Because as mentioned above, even after losing two major international tournaments in a row, ensuring safety before a pandemic remains a top priority.

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