Battle of Tiger Woods – Mickelson breaks TV records

The team match led by renowned golfers Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson led an average of 5.8 million viewers.

According to data published by Turner Sports on May 25, at the peak of The Match: Champions for Charity reached 6.3 million subscribers in the period 17h45 – 18h (according to the Eastern time zone of the US, 11 hours late compared to Ha time. Internal). The match was broadcast on four channels of Turner Media Group, including TBS, TNT, TruTV, and HLN.

Battle of Tiger Woods – Mickelson breaks TV records

The average audience of The Match this year surpassed 4.9 million viewers when ESPN broadcast the 2010 Masters round. At that time, Woods returned to the top golf arena after the scandal of love at the end. 2009. And the Woods-Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson-Tom Brady duel at the Medalist stadium last weekend became the most intriguing program of the day on American television.

While Tiger Woods and Mickelson are the golfers of legend, Manning and Brady are also considered the great center striker of American rugby village. Besides masterful skills, both are a highly skilled golfer. Manning’s handicap is 4, while Brady is at 8.

Tiger Woods‘s team took a 3up lead when they finished the first nine holes. Then, Mickelson’s team closed the gap to 1up in hole 16. But Woods-Manning kept this advantage up to hole 18 and won. The event raised a total of $ 20 million for the relief operations of Covid-19 victims in the United States.

On April 17, “Driving Relief” starring Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and Matthew Wolff took place on the Seminole field, near Medalist. This event has the same production method, operation, and meaning as The Match for the second season. The program reached 2.35 million TV viewers and raised 5.5 million USD.

The first match was held at Shadow Creek Stadium in Las Vegas in 2018. At that time, Mickelson won with $ 9 million in a duel with Woods.

Woods wins Mickelson in the second ‘The Match’

The match for team fights will be closed on the evening of May 24 (local time). The match was delayed nearly an hour due to heavy rain and caused the two sides to compete on the ground soggy. In the first half of a four-ball format – private play, Woods-Manning took the upper hand. They won three of the first six holes, and Mickelson-Brady was defeated.

At hole 5, Mickelson asked Tiger Woods to mark the ball while still 73 meters from the green.

“Do you want me to mark it with the US Open medal?” Woods responded with a major that he had won three times and the senior star had never been crowned.

“Do you have? I have some silver,” Mickelson said of his record of six runners-up in this tournament. After nine holes, Woods’s team took the lead 3up.

In the second half of the foursome, using the ball and rotating alternately, Mickelson’s team closed the gap and only 1up at the end of the 15th hole. However, they could not go any further. At hole 18, Mickelson and Brady have a chance to put the game into the pit, but Brady’s flag attack lacks the power to be on the green. And Tiger Woods putt – from a distance of 9.1 meters, but the ball to the edge of the pit to Manning teammates tapped and won the final at 1up.

Tiger Woods won convincingly

Initially, “The Match: Champions for Charity” has a $ 10 million reward fund. During the event, money from generous individuals and organizations continued to flow through online donations. The curtain ended, mobilizing financial resources reached 20 million USD.