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  • Michael Jordan in Washington Wizards

    Michael Jordan fired his teammates for losing on the training ground

    Legendary Michael Jordan was accused of using his power to expel his team-mates from the club for a bitter defeat on the training ground. Michael Jordan is a bad legend in the history Legendary Michael Jordan returns with the recent public attention due to the broadcast of the documentary “The Last Dance” about the 1997/98 …

  • EuroLeague and EuroCup will have no Champions

    EuroLeague, EuroCup canceled there was no Champion in the new season

    Like NBA, EuroLeague and EuroCup have also been stalling since March because of COVID-19. However, European leagues will not be able to return. Many reasons for EuroLeague and EuroCup will be canceled While the NBA is making efforts to finish the rest of the 2019-20 season, on the other side of the Atlantic, the organizers …

  • NBA plans to replace the World Cup Playoffs like football

    NBA Playoffs Round: Play World Cup soccer-style basketball?

    A pretty interesting idea came up. That’s when the season comes back, NBA is Playoffs round will bring a bit of World Cup group stage style in football. The Playoffs round, with no more East and West The NBA season after the global pandemic COVID-19 will face many difficulties. In it, the story of completing …

  • Patrick Ewing was one of the most famous NBA big men in the 1980s and 1990s

    Legendary Patrick Ewing recovers from COVID-19 infection

    Former New York Knicks player Patrick Ewing has been allowed to leave the hospital and is being treated at home after COVID-19 infection. New York Knicks, Patrick was infected with COVID-19 and was released from the hospital Former New York Knicks player and George Town University coach Patrick Ewing was allowed to leave the hospital …

  • Many NBA teams oppose going to Orlando to concentrate

    Many NBA teams oppose going to Orlando to concentrate

    Some NBA teams do not have the opportunity to participate in the Playoffs to protest against the centralized competition plan at one location to avoid risks. NBA decided to host the remaining matches of the season If the NBA decides to return for the 2019-20 season, one of the top alternatives now is to organize …

  • Having tall height is the desire of many people, but for some NBA stars it is an obsession.

    Why do NBA players mislead height?

    The height of players in the American Professional Basketball League (NBA) has been a big mystery to fans when they often misrepresented, such as star Kevin Durant. The NBA is the world’s tallest sports league. Therefore, the height of NBA players has always been an attractive topic for sports fans on the planet. In the …

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