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Phoenix Suns vs Indiana Pacers Pelicans – NBA matches prediction

NBA matches prediction

Phoenix Suns have shown improvement this season and they are still working hard to get back into the Playoffs. After 68 matches, the Suns won 29, lost 39 and they were ranked 12th in the Western rankings. With the high level of star Devin Booker after the break, Suns are gradually closing the gap with the top 8 of the West.

In the last round, Suns surprised when they defeated very strong opponent LA Clippers with a score of 117-115. Booker continued to be the name that shines on the Suns side in this match when he successfully made the last pitch of the match to score 2 points to bring Suns victory.

This player finished the game with 35 points. Veteran Ricky Rubio also maintained a good form with 18 points while DeAndre Ayton had 19 points. This is a match that the Suns successfully made up to 17 results 3 points.

Indiana Pacers are still in good shape this season. After 68 rounds, Pacers won 42, lost 26 and they are ranked 5th in the Eastern standings.

The quality of the Pacers squad is not bad and if played at 100% performance, Pacers can afford to create difficulties for the top teams in the tournament. In his last match, Pacers continued to perform well to beat Orlando Magic with the score 120-109.

TJ Warren still played very well in this match with 32 points. In all three Pacers matches after the break, Warren scored over 29 points. Myles Turner also played quite well in this match with 21 points. As NBA matches prediction, with very high performance and also a better quality team, Pacers is a reliable choice in this match.

Sacramento Kings vs New Orleans Pelicans

NBA matches prediction

Which path for the Sacramento Kings as they get worse and worse and is left behind by the top 8. Since returning from the COVID epidemic, this team has won only 1 match, the rest is receiving up to 5 defeats including 2 preseason matches. Falling to the 13th position, there is still a chance to change fate and get into the playoffs. But if you continue to decline as recently, there will be no chance for Sacramento Kings to improve the score, let alone rise to the West this year.

As for the New Orleans Pelicans, at least in the last 6 matches, the pair earned 4 wins and received only 2 defeats. Although it is also outside the top 8, the competition of the Playoffs ticket with the above rivals for New Orleans Pelicans is much brighter than the Sacramento Kings.

And that as long as they continue to maintain stability, winning against the Kings Sacramento here will not be too difficult, especially in the context of the last 10 meetings in the past, the New Orleans Pelicans won 7 and only lost a mere 3 matches.

NBA matches prediction expected line-up:

  • Sacramento Kings:    Harrison Barnes,  Nemanja Bjelica,  Richaun Holmes,  Bogdan Bogdanovic,  De’Aaron Fox
  • New Orleans Pelicans:   Brandon Ingram,  Nicolo Melli,  Derrick Favors,  Jrue Holiday,  Lonzo Ball