Defender dribbling in basketball history – Point Guard

Point Guard (PG) is one of the five official positions in basketball if using numbers to represent it, this is position 1. The main task of Point Guard is to create opportunities to score for the whole team and sometimes to attack directly on his own.

Point Guard
Point Guard


Point Guard is like a coach on the field, who leads and distributes the ball to the right people at the right time. It involves setting up attacking strategies, aiming to get the ball to the most advantageous position for scoring and controlling the pace of the game. A good serving defender has to know when to counterattack quickly or when to attack with caution. Furthermore, this position requires the player to always remember the remainder of the attack, the time of the game, the score and the number of consultations used by each side, etc to make the best decisions for the team.

Point Guard like a coach in the field
like a coach in the field

After finishing an opponent’s attack, it is usually Point Guard who is holding the ball to initiate an attack for his team. Passing – Stuffing – Throwing skills and total observation are indispensable for this position, while speed is the key factor determining success in this position. Speed and flexibility help defenders even though they have a smaller body, can still create the space needed to function. 


Point Guard is often prized on their assists rather than their scoring rate. Another important factor is the correct decision-making skills of each defender. In addition, talented defenders are always capable of jumping very well. The not too tall body shape is also the advantage of the ball-back. As mentioned, speed, agility, and ball control are the deciding factors. A defender of average height will find it easier to control the ball because the center of gravity is close to the ground.

Rated as a multi-function defender on the field. Sometimes, Point Guard becomes a setter. The typical defender that we often meet. This type of defender is responsible for keeping the ball in attack situations on the opponent’s field and ensuring as little as possible to lose the ball “Make sure the ball is No. 1”. To be a true Point Guard, at least, you must become this Seter.

Point Guard is a player with the highest basketball IQ and always makes the right decisions
is a player with the highest basketball IQ and always makes the right decisions

However, despite the position of Point Guard, this type of player always has the thought of scoring more than assisting his teammates. Derrick Rose uses the inherent abilities of a defender to overcome the opponent’s defense and score effectively like a Power Foward (PF) or Small Forward (SF). And of course, while still high, their assists (Assist) are inversely proportional to their scoring ability for them “Score 1”.

There is hardly a clear definition for this defender, but we can see that this is the pinnacle of Point Guard when it comes to combining excellent scorer and distributor abilities. At the same time, he is also a true leader in the field with a wealth of experience.

In fact, no matter what type of defender is, in the role of holding the game, deciding on the field is the most important thing. Nobody forces you to pass the ball to someone else, no one forces you to rush into the penalty area, and no one can make you reel. Only the right DECISION and the right time can help you shine like a true Point Guard.