Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08: Shattered Barcelona under Bayern!

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 – Before the terrible power of Bayern Munich, Lionel Messi was powerless and Barcelona shattered so easily. At Estadio da Luz, “gray lobster” has turned the most awaited quarterfinal match into a leisurely training screen.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08
Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08


After separate victories in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round, Barcelona and Bayern Munich entered the most awaited match in the quarterfinals series. With a terrible form of being unbeaten in the last 27 official matches and having a series of 18 consecutive victories in all competitions, the German “Gray Lobster” is rated better than the Catalan giants.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 Messi is Barcelona's greatest hope
Messi is Barcelona’s greatest hope

True to what the Spanish press speculated, Coach Quique Setien “sacrificed” Antoine Griezmann, and abandoned the familiar 4-3-3 scheme to put Barca on a 4-4-2 stone. The middle line consists of 4 stars with a forte in central midfield including Frenkie de Jong, Sergio Busquets, Arturo Vidal, and Sergi Roberto. Superstar captain Lionel Messi kicked striker with Luis Suarez.

On the Bayern side, there are no surprises in their starting lineup when coach Hansi Flick continues to believe in using 11 names that kicked in in the 4-1 victory over Chelsea. Gray Lobster’s hope is placed on Robert Lewandowski, the tallest kicker in the attack line. Support for the Polish striker remains Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry, and Ivan Perisic.


After just over 3 minutes of playing, Bayern had a great start with the opening score for Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08. Perisic exploited very well the space that Nelson Semedo left when he got too high and then launched a nasty cross in. Muller and Lewandowski burst into harmony before the Gray Lobster vice star shot the net of fellow goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen with a light but extremely dangerous shot.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 Bayern only took 4 minutes to open the score
Bayern only took 4 minutes to open the score

However, Barca quickly brought the game back to the starting line in the 7th minute. From Gerard Pique’s wonderful long pass, Jordi Alba escaped to the left flank and released a nasty pass, causing David Alaba to accidentally counterattack. home in an attempt to break the ball. The ball was too difficult for the Austrian star to make captain Manuel Neuer completely helpless.

The level was equalized so quickly that Bayern became confused when in the next 2 minutes, they faced 2 very dangerous ball phases. The first was the situation where Alaba let Semedo pass the ball through the gap between his legs, creating a chance for Suarez to face Neuer, but the German goalkeeper promptly blocked. A few seconds later, Messi released an extremely annoying cross that made the entire defense of the Gray Lobster “motionless”. Unfortunately, the ball finds the vertical column.

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 Alaba's own goal caused the match to be brought to balance soon
Alaba’s own goal caused the match to be brought to balance soon

However, Bayern did not take much time to rebuild. The white shirt players pressing right next to the Barca field and hitting Busquets directly made the Catalan team have many difficulties in deploying the ball. The overwhelming pressure the Bundesliga champion creates is ultimately causing the opponent to make a mistake.

In the 21st minute, Roberto lost the ball to Gnabry’s foot in the vicinity of the penalty area. Immediately, the German international passed the ball to Perisic to escape and with a decisive left foot shot, the 14-shirt star re-established the lead for Bayern. He also had a bit of luck in this situation when the ball grazed the Clement Lenglet’s shoe, becoming too difficult for Ter Stegen.

Overcoming victory, Bayern continued to hit Barca in the middle. In the 27th minute, Leon Goretzka, after receiving the ball from Thiago Alcantara, immediately released a sensitive pass for Gnabry to escape. With great speed and force, the German star easily surpassed Pique and coldly finished the score to 3-1.

Barca collapsed unexpectedly quickly, shown through the confusion in passing situations that were the forte of goalkeeper Ter Stegen. 31 minutes, the score was 4-1 for Bayern! The goal of the Gray Lobster is Muller with a quick strike after Joshua Kimmich’s superb cross. Blaugrana’s defense plays like an apprentice in this phase.

During the remainder of the first half, Bayern still had complete control of the game and Barca kicked “like a chicken with a hair” and could not create even a single ball that made Neuer’s goal wobble. The Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 is 4-1 in favor of the German representative as the final result of the first half, a score that few people dare to think about before this highly anticipated quarterfinal match takes place.


Right after the break, and with the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 is 4-1, Coach Setien was forced to make a change when his tactical intentions were completely “bankrupt” in the first half. The Spaniard adjusted a 4-4-2 formation to a familiar 4-3-3 with Roberto having to make way for Griezmann, the biggest hope on the bench.

Suarez is a rare name of Barca still playing hard
Suarez is a rare name of Barca still playing hard

The presence of Griezmann did not help Barca play better, but Suarez shone to hold the hope for La Liga representatives. 57 minutes, receiving the ball from Alba, the Uruguayan striker calmly twisted Jerome Boateng’s flank before launching a dangerous shot to defeat Neuer, reducing the score to 2-4.

Coutinho made the host team more pathetic
Coutinho made the host team more pathetic

However, when Barca’s hope was not long rekindled, Bayern coldly “cut the net” Ter Stegen for the fifth time. In the 63rd minute, 19-year-old left-back Alphonso Davies turned Semedo into a “clown” with a great breakthrough. before calmly assisting Kimmich to cushion the ball easily. 5-2 and a 3-goal difference quickly re-established by the Bundesliga champions.

Having the advantage of being too safe helps Bayern play leisurely in the remaining 30 minutes. However, they are still overwhelmed by Barca’s tired feet and create many more delicious opportunities. The Blaugrana’s nightmare competition was ended by “knife strokes” from a player they loaned to the German team – Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho released a pass to clear the deck for Lewandowski to increase the score to 6-2 in the 82nd minute. 3 minutes later, the Brazilian star was created by Muller and released a cold finish that made Ter Stegen just watch. The first mistake in Barca’s seventh goal was Messi with the phase to lose the ball in the middle of the field. “The little witch” ended the night of disaster of the host team when the ball hit the ball to score 8 in the 88th minute.

The Barcelona vs Bayern Munich result 15/08 Bayern winning the final with an unbelievable score of 2 – 8, Bayern officially entered the semi-finals and is only 2 wins away from the “treble”. Meanwhile, Barca cannot make any excuses for this disgraceful defeat. Messi has probably experienced the most memorable match of his career and coach Setien is likely to soon leave the “hot seat” of the Catalan team.