Barcelona reduced players’ wages regardless of opposition

President Josep Maria Bartomeu said Barcelona reduced players’ wages due to financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe.

Barcelona stars do not accept reduced wages

The Barcelona players talked to the Barcelona leaders Barcelona reduced players’ wages but was not satisfied with the proposed terms.

According to ESPN, Barcelona is paying 500 million euros a year for player salaries, accounting for half of the expenses of the Nou Camp team.

Barcelona asked Lionel Messi and the players to temporarily reduce wages during this period to help the club overcome difficulties. However, many players do not agree.

Barcelona could be in a financial crisis if the players do not give up in the next few months.
Barcelona could be in a financial crisis if the players do not give up in the next few months.

Many Barcelona players are not happy with the terms of pay reduction given by the management, thus causing the negotiation to fail. Barcelona will continue to talk and hope the situation is resolved soon.

Not just Barcelona reduced players’ wages, the remaining La Liga clubs have considered reducing player salaries. Negotiations between the captain of the club and the La Liga leadership are ongoing but need to wait more time for the parties to find a common voice.

The European soccer fields are temporarily stopped due to the disease, which has severely damaged each club due to a lack of ticket sales and television and advertising royalties. According to the Daily Mail, each medium-sized club in the Premier League will collect at least 1 million euros in ticket sales per game, and the club’s figure is greater than 3 million euros per game.

On the morning of March 26, Birmingham City Club in the First Division of England asked each player to reduce 50% of their salary. Many clubs in the First Division and Premier League also have prepared a plan to reduce salaries to avoid excessive financial loss.

The British Professional Football Association must speak up to claim the rights of the players. They think clubs must act to ensure the income of players in difficult times.

Despite the objections of some players, Barcelona’s directors will still cut wages 

According to Marca, despite the objections of some players, Barcelona’s board of directors will still cut wages while European tournaments are being postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. A few discussions have taken place recently to address this issue, but the two sides have yet to find a common voice.

President Josep Bartomeu was the first to call on players to join hands to help the club fight the Covid-19 epidemic, by reducing wages to financial support for the team. He asserted the Camp Nou team could not afford to cover all the expenses for the rest of the season.

President Bartomeu called for the consensus of the players in the context of the plague affecting the club's finances.
President Bartomeu called for the consensus of the players in the context of the plague affecting the club’s finances.

Reducing the salaries of the players is arguably the most effective solution at the moment.  Barcelona reduced players’ wages and it is expected to cut their salaries by 70%. Recently, the World Football Federation (FIFA) has also called for players to reduce wages to support the club. However, some players are unhappy when their income is affected.

The reason given by Barcelona management at a meeting is that if the number of working days of the players is reduced, the salary must also be proportional to that. Currently, Lionel Messi and his teammates are quarantining and practicing at home to ensure safety before the Covid-19 epidemic.

This epidemic also seriously affects the financial situation of clubs. The postponement of tournaments has led to a deficit in ticket sales and TV and advertising royalties.

Meanwhile, to recruit Antoine Griezmann at the transfer last summer, Barcelona had to borrow a large amount of money. According to ESPN, the Camp Nou team must earn at least 60 million euros at the end of this season if they want to balance the club’s finances.
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