Barcelona is in chaos when 6 officials simultaneously resigned

The fight behind the scenes of the Camp Nou team continues to be pushed to new peaks. On the evening of April 9, six members of Barcelona is management board simultaneously resigned and confirmed that the Catalonia team is facing a dim future because the current leadership team is not capable.

Vice President Emili Rousaud had to leave the leadership of Barcelona.
Vice President Emili Rousaud had to leave the leadership of Barcelona.

Chaos at Camp Nou

Vice Presidents Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tombas and Directors Silvio Elias, Maria Teixidor, Josep Pont and Secretary Jordi Clasamiglia will leave Barcelona immediately. Among the above-mentioned names, Vice President Rousaud is considered to be Bartomeu’s successor for the position of President next year.

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The resignation comes from the “mutiny” that President Bartomeu launched earlier this week. Bartomeu directly asked Rousaud and Tombas to leave. He believes that several members of the Barcelona leadership have “betrayed” him.

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“Bartomeu called me and said he had a problem with the board members,” Rousaud told Cadena Ser on April 8. “He said there were leaks from the leadership team.”

The betrayal that Bartomeu mentioned may stem from the scandals that took place in March. Bartomeu and his associates were accused of using money to smear players and opposition figures in Barcelona. Messi, Xavi or Pep Guardiola are said to be the victims.

The Barcelona board has been hired to use social media accounts to post negative comments regarding Messi’s refusal to renew his contract or make claims.

In addition, the accounts posted negative comments about Pique’s business or disclosed information that Pep Guardiola coach caused an accident after crashing 4 cars.

Bartomeu believes that someone in the upper floor of Barcelona has leaked information that is detrimental to him and his associates. The purge here aims to eliminate “rotten apples” in the leadership team.

President Bartomeu continues to push Barcelona into new turmoil.
President Bartomeu continues to push Barcelona into new turmoil.

The open letter is full of problems by Barcelona

In an open letter to Barcelona fans and fans after the resignation, the six names said they were extremely disappointed by the recent scandals at the club, called a leak called ” Barcelonagate “.

“We want to emphasize our frustration about the incidents that happened at the club last time,” the letter said. “We ask that when the audit of the club is done, the people involved will be responsible for the corresponding.”

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The six names mentioned above also confirm that they feel helpless before the current management and feel extremely uncertain for the future of the club after the current disease crisis.

With the departure of a series of officials, this will be the first time in history, the Barcelona leadership has only 13 members. El Pais said that the current Barcelona management could be dissolved immediately (including the position of president of the club) if more than 50% of the current BLD members are replaced.

Spanish media commented on Bartomeu’s coercion of his associates to secure his current position. Bartomeu’s term of office will end in June 2021, and he will not be able to continue running for office because he has served two terms as a leader (vice president and president).

However, the recent “mutiny” shows that Bartomeu is willing to do everything to be able to continue in his position. He wants to push responsibility for the recent scandals at the club for the departed members. In addition to the smear of players and opposition figures, the salary scandal between the leadership and Messi and his teammates is another reason.

El Pais analyzed Bartomeu because he was still in the Camp Nou because of the glory of the treble of 2015. Since then, Barcelona has almost lost control.

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