Barcelona income conflict: FIFA intervened, Messi’s dissatisfied

Internally Barcelona is in a mess during the epidemic period of Barcelona income conflict, with the benefits of Lionel Messi and other stars in the Nou Camp owner who are being abused.

FIFA has just stepped in to intervene in the scandal. 

An agreement related to wage reduction has not been approved

Marca newspaper recently reported that, after an urgent meeting lasting a day, the Board of Directors of the Barcelona Club and the players of the Nou Camp Stadium witnessed by the representatives of the World Football Federation (FIFA) have not find a consensus to come up with an agreement related to wage reduction.

Barcelona income conflict: FIFA intervened, Messi's dissatisfied
Messi and his teammates are in a fierce conflict with President Bartomeu and BLD Barca about salary cuts.

In the context of football around the world, including the Spanish league (La Liga) is being postponed because of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, leadership boards of Barcelona headed by President Josep Maria Bartomeu shows his dedire towards the Barcelona income conflict to cut up to 70% of the salaries of these team players.

A wave of violent protests from the students of coach Quique Setien has no sign to stop

However, this has caused a wave of violent protests in Barcelona income conflict by the coaches of Quique Setien, including of course captain Lionel Messi, who is enjoying an estimated salary of 8.5 million euros / month in Barcelona.

The players of the Nou Camp team have proposed that they can still “tighten their belts” but only accept a reduction of 10-20%, and a maximum of 30% of the current salary, and blame Chairman Bartomeu and Board of Directors “Blaugrana” spent extravagantly on the transfer market, causing them to suffer the consequences of “tangerine-doering”.

To solve this problem, FIFA ,in the meeting with the Board of Directors and the Barcelona  players, has proposed a solution that the cut will be 50% of the current salary when La Liga is still in the pause period because of the epidemic. Covid-19.

Following  FIFA announcement, the Barcelona Board of Directors met and declared: “A pay cut is mandatory. The number of hours played by the players is reduced, meaning that their income will also be reduced. according to that. The same applies to other club staff. “

That statement of Barcelona  headed by Chairman Bartomeu will clearly make their big stars, especially Messi, feel more dissatisfied and may leave this summer when the interests are close, especially those that the amount of income they could have earned under a signed contract was seriously compromised.

Having said that, Messi and other players seemed to show no signs of empethetic and identification with the club and La Liga overcoming the current difficulties when the main imcome from advertisements or TV broadcasts are closed.

Barcelona income conflict: FIFA intervened, Messi's dissatisfied
Messi once said he wanted to return to play for Newell’s Old Boys – his boyhood club

The relationship between the “boss” Bartomeu and Messi was not going smoothly after the scandal Bartomeu hired a media company to smear Messi, now more stressful. The plan to persuade Messi to extend the future with the Nou Camp team when the current contract is only until June 2021 is also in danger of collapse.
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