Barcelona Decided To Choose Neymar: Surprise New Unique Tactics

Mundo Deportivo newspaper of Spain revealed that Barcelona owns a new “very unique” tactic in the Neymar acquisition.

Barcelona decided to choose Neymar

Recently, the press reported that PSG no longer considered Neymar to be “inviolable” and was willing to sit at the negotiating table with any club that could spend 150 million euros. This information makes a passionate mood, especially in Catalunya. Everyone knows that Barcelona really wants a Brazilian striker to serve Messi.

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Barcelona really want to recruit Neymar again
Barcelona really want to recruit Neymar again

According to the Spanish press, Barca tried to try twice but failed in the summer of 2019. The first time, they offered money with Coutinho or Ousmane Dembele, but PSG was determined to accept cash only. Meanwhile, the second time the Nou Camp team wanted to borrow Neymar before buying off the following season but also failed.

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If Barcelona continues to fail to convince PSG the next time they negotiate, will they abandon the deal? Mundo Deportivo newspaper of Spain has just released a piece of extremely sensational information, which is “The giants of Catalunya” could get Neymar through other ways that the Paris team cannot do anything.

Article 17 of Chapter IV of the FIFA Law allows a player to unilaterally break a contract after completing the “protection period”. The law applies to players with a 3-year contract period (in the case of a 5-year contract) between the ages of 23 and under 28 and a 2-year contract with players from 28 years above.

In February, Neymar passed his 28th birthday and the contract period with PSG was also exactly 2 years. Therefore, if the Brazilian striker really wants to return to Barca, he can use the law number 17. Of course, this provision has provisions attached to ensure the balance of interests between the player and the host club.

Will Barca have an M-S-N trio again this summer?
Will Barca have an M-S-N trio again this summer?

Players who want to activate this rule must have official notice of the club’s decision to free itself within 15 days of the last match of the season, be it domestic or European Cup, whichever ends later. In addition, the player must compensate for the remaining wages in the contract as well as a part of the transfer fee the club had spent earlier.

In the case of Neymar, the player will compensate two years of salary (about 73.6 million euros) and depreciate the remaining contract (about 88.8 million euros). Thus, Barca will have to spend 162.4 million euros if you want to have Neymar under law number 17, “more expensive” than negotiating with PSG.

Therefore, according to Mundo Deportivo, the Nou Camp team will prefer to negotiate over the use of clause 17. This plan also “respects” PSG but if the Paris team is still determined to make it difficult, Barca can completely “play big” like the PSG itself.

He left France to avoid Covid-19

Ligue 1 is suspended due to Covid-19. While most PSG players stayed in Paris, Neymar took the flight back to Brazil to avoid the outbreak. Along returning to Brazil with Neymar there is central defender Thiago Silva.

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According to Le Parisien, Neymar and his compatriot Thiago Silva boarded a plane to leave France to return to Brazil during the escalating Covid-19 epidemic in the country. The situation in France is very complicated with 9,134 cases, while Brazil has only 529 cases and 4 deaths.
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