Barcelona changed shopping strategy in Summer 2020

Barcelona is planning a summer 2020 purchase, with 5 goals that need to be strengthened. But due to financial problems with the COVID-19 outbreak, the Catalunya club will have to change its strategy in the transfer market.

From March 14, the Nou Camp team did not have any income.

In an interview with Diario Sport a few days ago, Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu confirmed that, from March 14, the Nou Camp team did not have any income. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused football activities to “freeze”, seriously affecting the financial situation of the Catalunya football team. According to calculations, if La Liga this season can not continue, Barcelona will lose about 160 million euros.

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Recently, Barcelona has not had to make a decision to reduce the salary of the players by 70%, to share with those at risk of having to take unpaid leave. In the face of financial difficulties due to the raging epidemic of COVID-19, club leaders were forced to change the transfer strategy during the Summer 2020 transfer period.

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As you know, from a long time ago, Barcelona has determined to strengthen 5 positions in the upcoming transfer period including 1 right defender, 1 central defender, 1 midfielder and especially 2 strikers with the Names have been identified as Neymar (PSG) and Lautaro Martinez (Inter). To complete the procurement plan, club leaders plan to “inject” about 140 million euros more into the summer 2020 shopping budget.

But given the current financial situation, adding 140 million euros to Barcelona’s shopping budget for the summer of 2020 is not feasible. According to the chairman of Bartomeu, initially, the Catalunya team will actively exchange players with other teams in the summer of 2020 to minimize shopping costs. However, that is only one of the measures given.

Barcelona cut other deals to buy strikers Neymar and Lautaro Martinez in the summer of 2020
Barcelona cut other deals to buy strikers Neymar and Lautaro Martinez in the summer of 2020

Neymar and Lautaro Martinez are priorities

In an interview with Diario Sport, Mr. Bartomeu still affirmed his priority to buy strikers Neymar and Lautaro Martinez. The president of Barcelona stated that, although difficult, the club leaders still want to spend all their resources to bring back the Nou Camp the best players in the summer transfer window.

Inter does not want to release Lautaro. If you want to have Argentine striker, Barcelona will have to spend 111 million euros to free the contract of the 22-year-old striker. And Neymar was bought by PSG from Barcelona himself in the summer of 2017 for 222 million euros. They certainly do not want to lose too much if they intend to sell Brazilian players.

With so much money to spend if determined to buy both Neymar and Lautaro, Barcelona is considering reducing the cost of investing in the remaining 3 goals (1 right-back, 1 center-back, and 1 midfielder). Specifically, they will seek to sign players on a free transfer. Previously, Barcelona had been aiming for several goals to expire from the current team in the summer of 2020, notably winger Willian (Chelsea).

Another option also preferred by Barcelona in the Summer 2020 fair is that the players have a one-year contract with the host team. In these cases, the Catalunya team can squeeze the price to buy cheaply. Among such players, defender David Alaba (Bayern Munich) is the top target of defending champion La Liga.

In short, Barcelona still wants to buy 5 players. But they only focused resources on two goals: Neymar and Lautaro. The rest of the Catalunya team will consider other options such as exchanging players, signing a free transfer contract or buying at a super cheap price.

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But PSG is indifferent

But despite all that, PSG was still cool. They do not want to negotiate a transfer with Barcelona when there are many internal issues to resolve. Those are the 11 players who are out of contract, a crisis brought about by the coronavirus and the threats posed to the season.

PSG wants to focus on ending the current campaign to include titles that need to be conquered before it can be transferred. However, Barcelona still has optimism in this deal.

Despite being delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer transfer window will finally open. But Neymar is only contracted with PSG until 2021 and he made it clear to the club that he will not renew.

Like it or not, PSG will be forced to consider selling Neymar if he does not want to lose him after 1 year. Last year, PSG wanted more than 200 million euros for its star, but the scenario was much different at this time.

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